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Hubby found a great product at the Western States Horse Expo: EQUINECLOT! (It controls bleeding!)

I dragged Hubby to the Western States Horse Expo because it was my birthday and he offered to do whatever I wanted… so I wanted him to come with me, and he did.

The great thing about men is that different sorts of things catch their attention (duh) – but you know what I mean…  For example, I strolled around the Expo by myself for a day and didn’t see this product.  When I went back through with him, I still didn’t see this product.  He saw it.  Right away!

Hubby zeroed in on it because this product is used in the military for humans.  Hubby was very familiar with it and loved it.  Loved it.  He said it worked miracles.

He made me stop and talk to the person in the booth.  So I did.  And I’m glad that I did…


The most interesting product that Hubby found for me at the Western States Horse Expo - it promotes the clotting of equine blood. Great for sudden or traumatic wounds! (click image to go to the website)


EQUINECLOT (no affiliation)

OK, the short answer is that Equine Clot is a gauze cloth that is treated with a component that promotes clotting in equine blood.

You carry it in your saddlebag, trailer or purse, and if a horse is injured and starts to bleed, wrap this stuff around the spot.  Or, stuff it inside of the bleeding hole.  Do whatever you need to do to help start the clotting process.  (This is how the military uses it on our injured soldiers out in the field…)

The idea of the cloth is that is can temporarily control the bleed long enough for you to get your mount to a facility for care – just like how it works for humans.


As some of us have experienced and I hope the rest of you never do…, the sight of your bleeding horse can be so frightening and upsetting that we lose our sensibilities and cannot do the work at hand.

I know that I tend to lose it when I see a bad injury.  But, if I had this (which I do now…), I could rip open the pouch and apply it and see some relief which would really help me calm down and help my horse.

So, having this stuff around would be a great peace of mind thing.

Oh, very important:  Keep vet wrap around, too.  You will need something to keep the gauze in place.  I carry duct tape, too.

Hubby knew of this because the Human version is used in the military. He said he saw it save many lives...


I got this off of the website.



In case you missed that SuperBowl Sunday 2011 extravaganza at my place, here is a link to that story…

In short, I got hit with a very speedy bullsnap and it cut an artery over my eye.  Luckily, it didn’t knock me out and I was able to call a neighbor who brought me to the ER.  But, I bled all the way.  And, I kept bleeding when I got there.  They couldn’t stop it.

I wish I had some of this stuff around then!   From what the guy in the EquineClot booth said – and from what Hubby confirmed – if I had had the human version of this gauze, it most likely would have stopped the bleeding as I was being driven to the hospital.  I could have shoved some of the gauze into the wound and also covered the wound by holding the rest of the gauze inside of my hand, over the cut.

If it works on the battlefield, it should work at home or on the trail, right?

Wow.  Pretty cool stuff.

This is me (stoopid human) after losing a confrontation with a bullsnap. Anyway, I wish I had the human version of this stuff on that day, for sure!


Here is the website link to purchase it.

Or you can call them and ask them questions:

Z-MEDICA Corporation
4 Fairfield Boulevard
Wallingford, CT 06492
(203) 294-0000



This is me holding my pouch of EquineClot. You can see that it is about the size of my hand.

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