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IRON MAN’S Receipt and Things I Couldn’t do Without!


Here is the receipt or the June Bucket Fund from us to Iron Man, the rescued mustang foal and his buddies.  Yay!  We sent $175!!  They were THRILLED.  I mean it!  Shirley said that donations have been down and this money would really help with Foal Lac pellets.  So, THANK YOU ALL!!

Thank you for supporting the Bucket Fund!  For the month of July, we are supporting THE GOLDEN CARROT.  Here is a link to their story.



But first, I have a photo of my very guilty 2 year-old.  I left him in the barn while I went to get something to drink and when I came back, he had destroyed or knocked over every single thing in there.  When I asked him the obvious, “DID YOU DO THIS?!” he gave me this priceless expression!  He will never win at poker with that face…


I’ve spoken about some of these before, but I wanted to talk about them again because I was thinking to myself  about how much they help!  I thought you might like to know, as well, in case any of you had missed this.

1)  Garlic:

I use garlic to help keep the flying insects away from my horses.  It really, really works.  If I don’t use it, I can absolutely see the difference… When I use it, they might have a few flies on their fly masks and a few on their bodies.  If I do not use the garlic, they will have a carpet of flies on their faces and all over their bodies.

I get it from Springtime, Inc.  (no affiliation).  For me, it has been the least expensive and effective garlic that I’ve tried.  I did have a friend go to a local Health Food Store to see if their powdered garlic was less expensive, but it ended up being almost double the price (even including shipping).  So, I think Springtime is the best option that I know about.

2)  Predators:

I use fly predators.  Yes, they work, too!  In combination with the garlic and fly spray, I don’t have a very irritating fly problem and that is saying a lot since I have cows all around the ranch.

I have found that the predators from Spalding are the best (again, no affiliation).  They arrive on time, they take a few days to hatch and they are packed well.  If you get a dud pack (rare), they will replace it.  So, I totally believe in Predators.

3)  Cheap and good fly mask:

I found this fly mask early in the year.  It was on sale and I thought it might not be any good because who puts a fly mask on sale in the beginning of the season?  But, it is a really good one.

The eyes have darts.  It had double velcro.  The netting is strong.  The ear holes make sense.

The downsides are that they are kinda short on the nose and there is no forelock hole.  But, for the price, I think they are great!  You can get them at Valley Vet.  Super Mesh Fly Mask by Brookside.

4)  The Easy Catch Halter:

I love this thing!

I am one of those people that uses a lead rope around the neck to bring my horses in… not that smart.  So far, no accidents but plenty of close calls.  I should know better… and I do.  So, last year I purchased one of these at the Horse Expo.

It is great!  It is so easy, the horse doesn’t even know he’s been “got”.  I swear.  And, it looks really comfortable for the horse.  I highly recommend this for easy, lightweight  catching and easy moving.


This is a supplement that I use for coats and hooves.

I will never not use it.  It works so well, my trainer even uses it now.  (We all know how difficult it is to convince a trainer!)  He says that my horses always come in with the best coats and hooves.  This is why.  Equion.

I do have all my horses out on pasture and they all move around often and eat variable grass hays (no alfalfa).  Equion seems to fill in all the nutritional blanks.  I’m very pleased.

6)  Davis Boot:

This is a great all-around, inexpensive boot!  I use it to soak as well as keep a wrapped foot protected.

I have put this boot into service continuously on my mare and it still looks great!  The Davis boot lets the air in but still makes sure all is clean and together when it is time to change the wrapping.  This is so easy, I nearly kissed it the first time I used it…

Oh, and if it is too big, you can vet wrap the top closure (within reason).  I love this boot and have over-used my welcome with it since I’m borrowing my friends and haven’t given it back  yet.  Bonnie, I owe you!

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If you want an update on THE GOLDEN CARROT SANCTUARY July Bucket Fund or to donate, please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!