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Update on our January Bucket Fund Paiute Orphan Foals!

They are all doing great!

In the beginning of the month, I told you about the Paiute Orphan Foals who landed in a feedlot after they had been ripped from their slaughterbound mothers (original story linked here).

These babies were also slaughterbound but an Equine Angel swooped in and bought them all!  She had 24 hours to find temporary housing and remove them all from the lot.  She did!   But, the babies weren’t safe.  The only temporary facility available had no shelter during horrible winter weather.

The babies in the feedlot - after their mothers were taken away...

Over the Christmas holiday, the Equine Angel rallied the troops.  She gathered a hauler with a heart of gold who drove over the treacherous Sierra Nevada mountain range during the only break in the weather (both ways).  Several kind ladies with trailers met the hauler and all of them took what babies they could maneuver to their new destinations.  And six Rescues got busy readying themselves for these last minute new foals.  A team effort that saved 22 lives.

These wonderful people, led by the Equine Angel, were selfless in working for these poor babies.  That is why the Bucket Fund for January was set up to help support those who transported the babies, those who housed the babies during their interim stay and hopefully, the Rescues who are raising the foals.

These two are always together! (They are at Pregnant Mare Rescue)


If you are interested in adoption, please click on the link for whichever Rescue has the baby you’d like.

1)  High Sierra Wild Horse Sanctuary (3 foals –  1 adopted!)

Well, remember the grey foal who was always looking at the camera?  Well, his new name was Handsome (very fitting) but it has just been changed to Remington.    People are interested in him for sure!  But, we knew they would be…he is so cute!

The report on Remington is that he is a real ham (we knew that, too!) and very friendly.  They described him as knowing how to “work it”.

The grey, now called, Remington, getting a scratch!

The grey, now Remington, looking at the camera AGAIN! And, accepting a treat.

He came in with two others who were very tightly bonded.  Remington was the odd man out.  So, he had to make friends.

When they first arrived, it was us and "him" - the grey

The black filly is very shy but she also has been adopted!  Wahoo, way to go High Sierra!

And, her best buddy, the pinto colt now named Pete, is also adopted!  Well, not really adopted but the people at High Sierra says he will never leave.  They adore him.  They tell me that little Pete was in a training session one day and after a while, he was done.  Totally done.  So, what did he do?  He sat down like a dog and refused to do any more.  He won.

A donkey helping with the human thing...

Here is a video of the pinto learning to lead… Atta boy!

Click on image to watch "Pete" learn to lead!

2)  Villa Chardonnay (4 foals – need homes)

Villa Chardonnay has been very busy tending to and teaching these little babies.  They sent a photo of the foals on their very first day at their new home.  As you can see, they were exhausted from their trip and had a lovely siesta in the sun.  Safe at last.

Can you see the 4 sleeping foals? This is Day 1 in their safe home.

3)  Hooves & Angels (6 foals – need homes)

Hooves & Angels says that these four cuties are incredibly sweet.  They perk up their heads when anyone comes outside and they are very sociable.

This photo cracks me up… it is as if they separate themselves according to color!

Line up by color!

4)  Under the Angels Wings Rescue (3 foals – need homes)

This rescue has fallen in love with the “draft looking” filly.  They just love her.  But, truly all of these babies need new homes.  And, since I know that Buckskin is a favorite, I need to tell you that the colt is a Buckskin!  They also have a dark bay filly who is as sweet as can be…

Isn't she cute?! This is the one they think looks "drafty"

Too cute!

5)  Serenity Center for Change  (2 foals – 1 adopted!)   Email: anduluci1@aol.com, Phone: 951-217-5757

There are two foals here and one is already adopted and named, Thunder.  I love that!  Thunder is the dark colt who is standing with his new owner who is an Animal Control Officer.  The red boy running is a colt and he is a feisty one, I’m told.  Both are darling.

Thunder is adopted!

A fiesty red head! They say he is really a character!

6) Pregnant Mare Rescue (4 foals – need homes)

The babies here have a personal blogger!  Yup, they are written about on the website of the rescue as well as this blogger page (scroll down until you see Jan 7 and Jan 10 entires…) .  These foals are little celebrities!  And, darling…

Don't they look beautiful?

Here is a direct excerpt from the blogger:

I entered the paddock and went to my usual stump to sit on. The foals moved from the fence, and assumed this posture  (you while a group decision was made as to whether or not I could be trusted.

I hate to reinforce stereotypes, but three of the four foals are fillies and one is a colt. In the picture, the three fillies are the ones checking me out from the corners of their eyes, trying to make a rational decision that will keep them safe. The colt is the one already looking me in the eye,wondering what the heck they’re waiting for.  As you may recall, he was my best customer last time I was here and he clearly remembered the experience.

He marched over right after I took the picture and settled in, front and center.  About 30 seconds later, the girls arrived on the scene.  I assumed that the colt would remember that he liked being scratched while he ate, but he was clearly surprised when I reached out to him – so I started over, rubbing him under the chin. It all came back to him when I sort of recapitulated the process from the previous visit, and we were back on BFF terms within about 5 minutes.

The PMR blog author feeding the babies


These babies are safe, yes.  But, if you can find it in your hearts and pocketbooks to pay back those that footed the bill for their rescue, temporary housing and transportation, these Angels and good-hearted people will, hopefully, always open themselves to rescue babies when you and I physically can not be there.

Won't you help those that helped us?...

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