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Artist: Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey


Yum!  The work looks like you could eat it!

Have you seen it in magazines or in galleries?

Well, it has been calling to me for a while.  I have three of her gallery ads ripped and stored in my binder.  Finally, I decided to quench my curiosity and I ventured to  Nancy’s website.

I learned a few fun facts and tidbits… She has lived in Montana for 30 years now.  Her father was in the military.  And, she feels Montana is a very inspirational place for her.


One of the aspects I really liked about her work is that she donated a piece that was auctioned to benefit of Glacier National Park.

"Open Range", my favorite, I think...

It is really nice when artists give back…  How do they do that?  Well, several pieces from various artists went on tour which generated income and then there was an auction of all the original pieces in May.  I cannot find the results but the exhibit was called, The Official Centennial Art of Glacier National Park Exhibit.  Nice!


Nancy says that the Montana wilderness has greatly inspired her over the years.  Well, you can see that in her work, for sure!  The bison is one of her favorite subjects… along with wildflowers and landscapes.


For me, I think it is awe inspiring when an artist can paint or think up images to draw.  I’m totally unable to use my hands to create anything flat.  I simply cannot make a flat thing have dimension.  It doesn’t compute… So, when someone can do this AND do it using several types of medium, I’m always impressed.  Nancy works in oil, acrylic, watercolor, silk, pastel, and mixed media.  I can barely use a pencil…


I wondered what it was like to paint on silk (not that I would have any frame of reference…).  Silk seems so slippery.  I wondered how she held it still and how she could manage the fabric and the paint.

To me,  the silk pieces seemed the most yummy and edible.  In the article, she says that silk is very organic and adds an element of surprise when she uses it.  Nancy cannot actually control it, just guide it.  Hmmmmm.  Personally, I love the juxtaposition of the vibrant silk colors with the heft of a bison or the flutter of a dragonfly.


On the website, there was a short You-Tube movie In the movie, Nancy is in process on a silk painting of a moose.  She speaks of layering the color and how that works to effect depth and light.  It is fun to watch the piece progress.  She also explains that she starts with the piece on the floor, then moves it to a table then and easel.  At one point, she spreads rock salt on the piece to give “texture”.  Interesting…


So, of course again, here is an artist whose original work I cannot afford.  But, luckily for me and other in my boat, she has work that we can afford.  Scarves, cards, Christmas cards, posters, prints…


My favorite was the book It looked so yummy and colorful.  She has a limited edition of signed versions but you can also get a hard cover or soft cover.


While I was on the website, I scoured it for the piece that I ripped out of a magazine a few times.  I couldn’t find the original on her site.  So, I ended up scanning the magazine page so I could show it to you.  I really loved it the first time I saw it.  The name is “Open Range” and I never did find it in any form on the site.  What a mystery!  I wonder if it was commissioned and sold, never to be repeated.  Dunno.  But, I loved it!


You can see by what I took off of the site, I really like the animals and nature pieces.  Flowers, bison, horses … but I also loved this one of the Baker.  Too Cute!  I would totally go into a shop that had that image as its sign.  Wouldn’t you?


So, next time you are in Bigfork Montana, go to Fox Creek Studios and sit a spell with Nancy.  The gallery is open 9-5, Monday through Friday!


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