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I saw this posted on FB and I had to share it.

First of all, I find it interesting that our Champ just passed and here we learn about another courageous “Champ” out there…

OK, so this is a true story told and documented by a Park Service volunteer who took the photos, Becky Standridge.

Basically, an enthusiastic but young and lightweight filly enters a river where she shouldn’t be and is swept up in the current.  The Stallion Champ, nicknamed by the Park Service,  saves her.

The photos are remarkable, especially when paired with the eyewitness account.

I hope Champ lives long and breeds many because his genes are well worth preserving.  …So is the entire breed but you all know how I feel about that…

Here is the the link to the original video.  Or, you can simply click any of the photos below.  Enjoy and pass it along!

This is Becky who witnessed the scene and took the photos. I cannot quite read her hat but I think it says "Volunteer". Click image to watch the video!

Here you see the filly in trouble with Champ behind her. (click image to watch the video)

Champ grabs her. (click image to watch the video)

He pushes the screaming filly back in the direction of shore and her mother. (click image to watch the video)

He continues to push her towards higher ground and her mother. (click image to watch the video)

He lets go and the filly joins her dam (see Champs snout camera left)

Champ, ordeal over, exits the river. (click image to watch the video)



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!