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The Flies are Comin’ – Go Garlic! Plus other Powdered Wonders!


People are always doubtful when I say that Garlic keeps the pests away… I don’t understand why.  It works!  I have been using it for 7 Spring/Summers.  We have 13 horses here and cows across the road.  Flies happen.  But, Garlic really, really, really cuts down on the action.

I have tried a few brands.  For me, (again, no affiliation) I prefer garlic from SPRINGTIME, INC.  They call it “Bug Off Garlic” and it is aptly named.  I wait for the sales (there is one going on now…) and I purchase several tubs at once (cheaper).  I also like to get the freebies and if you order certain amounts, you can get more for free.  I love that!

Anyway, I give them all one scoop on their supplements in the morning.  I do it in the morning because the horses need the immediate extra strength boost during the day.  I think the garlic hits their system after about a half hour and lasts most of the day.  It is just like when you eat a heavily garlic’d dinner.  It stays with you.  It stays with them, too.  I won’t say that the flies, biting things and mosquitoes go away completely, but they go away a lot.  In fact, there are some horses that do so well with it that they don’t wear fly masks anymore.  Wow!

Start them out with a little bit and then gradually work up to one scoop.  Mine love it now and will stick their noses into the garlic bucket if I let them.  Anyway, your horses will be perfumed with the scent of garlic, for sure.  And, yes, other riders might notice it.  I often hear, “Anyone smell pizza around here?  Weird…”.  I just smile.

*Garlic works best as a fly repellent in conjunction with Predators.  I wrote about them in Post 2/10/10.


The other wonder product I wanted to tell you about is Equion.  I have been using it for 10 years, at least.  It does wonders for coats and hooves.  My trainer cannot believe how gorgeous my horses’ coats are when they arrive to his place.  Ha!  I love that!  And, their feet are strong like bull.

Equion is easy to purchase, is delivered fast and it works!  Add one scoop to the grain/pellets daily and you are done.


And, I also wanted to say that I tried Mare Magic last Spring.  I was quite dubious. But, someone I trusted told me to try it on my fidgety mare.  I did.  She was visibly less fidgety.  Then I tried it on my very nasty-during-heat mare.  It helped!  So, then I tried it on my Icy because she is a very busy (read, too busy – makes me crazy!) and it gave her more focus.  OK, I’m sold.  I definitely use it during heavy heat cycles for the mares.  I really think it helps.  Someone told me that I could order the basic ingredient online at a major health food store.  But, I haven’t done that.  I just go down to the large feedstore in town and purchase it there.  It does last quite a while.  On a side note, they say it helps geldings, too.  I have yet to try that.

So, there you have it!  Powdered Wonders!

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