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Leslie Anne Webb, Equine Artist, and a Small World Story…

Leslie Anne Webb is an Equine Artist local to where I live but her work is International.  Luckily, she is friends with people I know so I get to be privy to some of her pieces before they actually stand before the world. (This first photo is of one of her new originals named, Charlie.  From Leslie: Charlie is one of the most amazing horses I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing……a true spirit and healer in his own right….enjoy.”)

In one of these unveiling emails, Leslie sent out her newest works via jpeg for all of us to drool over.  I took extra note because she had painted about two causes dear to my heart:  PMUs and a particular mare named Angel.  So, that is my story for today.  I want to introduce you to Leslie, if you don’t already know her work, tell you about her contest and then relay the two small world stories.

Here is Leslie Anne Webb’s website.  (That is fun to say outloud, try it!)  You can get an idea of her style and then realize that you’ve seen if before, most likely.  She’s infused in the art world and continues to create truly original work.

OK, so I get this email with the jpeg of the new original pieces by Leslie.  When I saw the first image, my heart jumped through my chest!  That’s Angel!!  Angel is a mare who was rescued off of a feedlot (on her way to slaughter).  She is a palomino and had one foal by her side.  At that time, there were several pregnant mares at the feedlot and several mares that had just foaled.  So sad.

Heartbreakingly, before the rescuers could help three other mares, they were shipped leaving behind 3 new babies at the feedlot.  Well, those babies were rescued and brought back to where Angel had just arrived.  And, what did Angel do?… She let those three other foals nurse off of her as well as her own!  Yup.  Angel, this is how she got her name, let all four babies be nourished through her milk.  The rescue organization that had Angel posted this wonderful story and many folks stepped up to help with the care and feeding of these five horses.  Luckily, all four foals survived and have since been adopted out.  Everyone is doing just fine!

So, when I saw Leslie’s painting, I just had to tell the wonderful story.  I’m thrilled Leslie chose Angel and her brood for this depiction.  I think the piece is so special, especially when you know the love that infuses the story.  Above are pictures of Angel and her babies.

Oh, I also want to say that Leslie is having a contest.  To have your name in the hat, purchase one of her lovely and various prints and then you have the opportunity to win an ORIGINAL!  Wahoo!   The original could be one of hers or she will paint one of your animals.  Nice.  Here is her website and Facebook page.  The details are here.

OK, now onto the other Leslie small world story.  You know how our May Drop in the Bucket Fund is for the United Pegasus Foundation…  Well, another one of Leslie’s new paintings is of her favorite PMU horse that was originally saved by the UPF!  I love that!  Leslie says that once she “feels” the animal, the painting comes to life inside of her and then she can paint it easily.  Here are her words about her boy, Sam, who is represented in her new piece, Reflection. (Leslie titled the work Reflection because “to BE in quiet reflection, you will begin to KNOW your SELF”.)

“My big boy Sam, a PMU rescued by United Pegasus Foundation, was only 4 months old and never handled when I adopted him. He is one of the most majestic horses I’ve ever met, but even with his regal, calm and reflective manner, he still manages to show me that he has a bit of his “baby Huey” left. At 9 years old, he will still give off a squeal when he’s playing in the field with the other boys.”

So, since we only have one week left in May to fill our bucket for the United Pegasus Foundation, I wanted to pass on this story for inspiration.  UPF has done and continues to do wonderful work in saving equine lives (read here).  So, please click on the button and donate your $5 Starbucks money!

Also, don’t forget to check out Leslie’s other works on her website.  I think being able to enter a contest for an Original is an incredible opportunity.  Imagine having a work this fine of your favorite pet!  Ah, to have one of my fuzzy faces immortalized would be so lovely…  ;)

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!