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Update on the Keebler Shetlands, Update on Topper and a fun video!

I wanted to give you a few updates and a really cute video.


Shetlands and Icys, Oh My!…

Smurf before her much needed trim

First, I wanted to update you on the adoptions for the Keebler Shetlands.  Do you remember that story?  Their hooves were so long they looked like elf feet which is how they got their name?… You can read about them here. (pic is Smurf before her trim)

Anyway, the lovely folks at Falcon Ridge were kind enough to contact me to let me know that they have been working with the Shetlands, healing them and placing them.  All but 7 have homes!


Do you have room?  I swear, I totally loooove my Shetlands so with confidence I ask you to consider one of these darlings if you can.  I’m sure the folks at Falcon Ridge would


give you the complete low down on any of these kids and would find the match for you.

Also, I wanted to tell you that there was a huge seizure of 40 Icelandic Horses as well.  (This Rescue is very busy…!)  I have an Icy and she is wonderful.  Very hearty.  Very capable.  So, you might want to ask about the Icys if a riding horse sounds better for you.  From what I understand, these Icys were in large fields, are well bred but not handled often.  They aren’t wild, just need some TLC.


I think if you were in the market for a smaller riding horse of good breeding and easy keeping, this would be a great opportunity.  And, might I add, Icys are usually very expensive…

Here is the direct link for the Icy Roundup.


Here is the update on the Shetlands from Falcon Ridge.  As an aside, BOTH of my Shetlands were little stallions when I got them.  So, if any of these little stallions are still stallions by the time you read this, and you are interested, gelding mine was relatively inexpensive and there are NO repercussions for having done it later in life.


Smurf after her much needed trim

Please let your readers know that we’ve still got 3 stallions and 4 mares
looking for their Forever Homes. They’re beautiful, intelligent little Shetlands, and will make great pets.
1)  Chewie, although a stallion, is a real lover, he enjoys being
groomed and fussed over.  He has a thick thick mane and soft eyes.
2)  Pixie, a pretty little chestnut mare with flaxen mane & tail, is
the friendliest little mare, always willing to lead the Herd over to accept


hand offerings.
3)  Teenie, a dappled silver mare, is quietly alert, ever watchful.
4)  Trinket, the youngster, is a long-legged, white & cream-brown
darling.  She’ll be tall like her mother, Princess Lea.

Darth Vadar

5)  Smurf is the oldest of the mares – a pretty strawberry roan,
already halter broken and well mannered.  A friendly bright-eyed matron.
6)  Frodo, the cutest littliest stallion – is always watching, always
interested in everything going on.  He’s halter broken, enjoys being groomed
and is learning the rewards of interacting with humans.
7)  Darth Vadar, the spirited roan stallion, has bright blue eyes, and
rules the paddoci with intelligent energy that never wanes.

Anyone interested in adopting one of the few remaining Herd members,

Silfur and Halti

please have
them send me an email at:   winnie@roadrunner.com


OK, now for the two adorable but not rideable Icys that are available, here is their photo.  I’m sure Peg will have word on others that could be rideable. But, if you have room for lovely Icy pasture puffs, please consider these lovelies, Silfur and Halti.  For the other Icys that are available, click here.

If you’d like to see all of the INCREDIBLE horses of all shapes, ages and sizes available at Falcon Ridge, please click here.  I know these horses have had wonderful care and that you would be getting exactly what you see or are told.  Some of the riding horses on this page look awesome!  There is also a very nice mini…  ;)


The Three Amigos

I found this on Facebook and it made me smile.  This was videoed by a woman who obviously loves her mustangs and also has a sense of humor.  I loved it.  Very sweet!  You have to kinda let it play for a bit but the part where the horses are all singing and she is orchestrating with her finger made me laugh out loud!  Here is the link.  Or, click on the photo.

Their names are Thor, D’Artagnan and Comanche.  Wow.  It only shows you what time, love and smarts can do for a coupla fun lovin’ mustangs and their Mama!


TOPPER very sick

TOPPER getting better


I wanted to update you on Topper.  He was found basically too weak to stand with huge sores from laying in urine. He was undernourished obviously, a 1 on the Heineke Scale and just a foal who certainly didn’t deserve this kind of a start in life.  Luckily, the folks at the Lil Patch of Heaven brought him back to health.  I love these success stories…

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If you want an update on the Iron Man Rescued Foal Bucket Fund or to donate, please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!