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More Holiday Gift ideas and just cool stuff! (And a Norma update…)

Sunday, December 12th, 2010 | Filed under Handy Tips

First up, NORMA update!


In earlier posts, I spoke of my donkey, Norma Jean, who was suffering a severe bout of laminitis recently.  (You can read the story here)  Let me tell you that I was overwhelmed with the amount of support from you readers.   Wow.  THANK YOU.  I swear, your kind words really helped me stay focused.

You can see her poultice wrapped abscessed foot. She is standing square on the other foot - yippee!

She is recovering!  Wahoo!  I can now safely say (veterinarian stamped) that she is on the other side of the worst of it.  She is still sore, but she will make it – unless something untoward happens.

She is standing square and babying the abscessed foot.

The success of the clinical trial with the experimental drug couldn’t be determined because Norma has a huge abscess (we discovered yesterday) which rendered the trial indeterminable.  Bummer.  We think the trial drug helped her because her right foot healed very quickly.  But, her left foot was still very sore after using the drug.  So, now that we know it was an abscess, we have no way of determining if the drug helped the left foot or not.  However, the fact that the right foot got better rapidly and the left foot had no severe laminitis aftereffects even though she could not use her foot, makes us think the drug could have been working in spite of the abscess.  Dunno.  We will never know.  I would try the experimental drug again, if one of my horses had a laminitis episode.  My vet agrees.

All we know for sure is that the drug didn’t hurt her.

She is bright eyed and much happier.  Thank you all for caring.

She won't look at me because I just changed her wrap. But, you can see that she is standing square on both.


OK, I’ve got a bunch  more today!  Some are deals and some are just cool.  Here we go!


How much fun is this?!

Did you see this in HORSE AND RIDER magazine?  It stopped me in my tracks!  I thought it was hysterical and so full of whimsy!  I am sure Finn would be totally embarrassed by these, but Beautiful Girl might kinda like them.

I also think some tweenage girl might loooove to put these into her horse’s mane. Hours of fun!  Or, maybe girls could trade colors and have manes in all one color like pink or blue…  Fun!  Here is the link.


I am not a Western Wear person.  But, I keep loving Western stuff.  And, I love this jacket – mainly because it has Sweet Bird Studio adornments.  How cool is this?!  You get a fitted and designed jacket that also has wonderful accents.  OKOK, so it isn’t cheap or a deal, but it is fabulous and I wanted you to know about it.  Here is the link.

Yum-Mee. Click to enlarge.


I shared earlier how much my horses loved these ‘good for your horse’ cookies.  Well, Skode’s is having a special sale on Mint Rose Brownies, Pumpkin Spice cookies and Ginger Snaps (Only $22 for a pound of fresh baked cookies in a lovely gift tin!) !  I’m all over these treats because they are homemade, are wonderfully fragrant, have all natural and organic ingredients, are for IR (Insulin Resistant) horses — which I think is great for all horses — and my horses loved them!  So, click on the photo or this link and check out the Holiday deal.

Bargain Homemade Organic IR Horse Treats!


You all know how much I love the Equi-Spa products that I’ve tried.   The natural fly spray is now my only fly spray.  And, the BALM is the bomb!  I swear, I put the Balm on owies or bug bitten areas and my horses heal without flies or pain.  I also used the Balm on their faces and the flies left.  The best part is that my horses don’t run away from the spray or the Balm.  In fact, they try to eat it!  I’m now using the Balm to help chafed areas from winter blankets (I don’t blanket my horses but I’ve shared with some of my friends who do and they love this stuff!).

Anyway, the Equi-Spa Holiday Deal is the Balm (Yay!) and Lavender/Witch Hazel Spray. I haven’t used this spray but it sounds yummy and I know that lavender is a natural calming herb and witch hazel is a natural infection fighter.  I would get this and gift two people with the items!  A great deal!  So, click the photo or click this link

I LOVE THE BALM! Great special offer (A $26 value for $19.99!)!


Have you seen this?  (I saw this in COWBOYS AND INDIANS magazine.)  I’m not a barrel racer, but I have friends who are.  They always tell me that they go to other venues and just hope that there are barrels set up (which there usually are…).   But, what if they wanted to spend time with me?  I have no barrels.  Or, what if they wanted to go to a horse camp that had no barrels?   Now they can bring their own traveling barrels!  I thought this was ingenious!  Here is the link.

Bring your barrels with you!


OK, when I first saw this, I burst out laughing.  How embarrassing for your horse!  Even the horse in the photo seems to be pleading, “Please Don’t take my picture in this!”

HOWEVER, when I read what it does, I reconsidered.  So what if you make your pale horse look foolish?!  This contraption would really cut down on skin cancer and sunburn!  After all, you make your kid wear zinc oxide… why not use this for your pale skinned horse?  Here is the link.

Looks funny but it probably works well...


I love anything made out of wood.  Well, almost anything… Well, maybe not almost anything but almost anything that is made like this stuff.  I saw this wood makers ad in C&I magazine (again) so I went to his website and saw luscious things.  I decided to put up the boot jack  and the hat boxes here.  There are many, many more beautiful handmade wood items on the site.  Here is the link.

Very Cool, handmade boot jack.

I don't even wear hats and I like this box!

Inside of the hat box.


So many of you wrote to me telling me how much you enjoyed my post on COMANCHE.  So, I thought I would research books about famous Cavalry horses.  I looked for books that were rated with 5 stars (the highest).  I came up with three.  Here they are.  If you click on the image, it will take you to that particular Amazon page.

Judging by the huge response to the Comanche post, I think any of these books would be great presents!

Click to go to the Amazon page

Click to go to the Amazon page

Click to go to the Amazon page


I am always afraid to go to the deal pages or cheap stuff pages in horsey websites because I end up spending more than I ever thought I needed to… kinda like Costco.  But, I wanted to bring two “deal” pages to you.

1)  I’m a grab bag, ‘love a surprise’ kinda person.  So, when I went to Jeffers Equine, my excitement was peaked!  They now have a 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS sale page!  A different thing for sale each day!  How fun!  It is a great marketing ploy because it makes us continue to go to the site every day.  But, it is fun so why not?!

They also have a SURPRISE DEAL of the day during the holidays.  You can choose from the Surprise Deal if your 12 Days deal wasn’t tickling your fancy!

2)  Chicks Saddlery has STOCKING STUFFERS UNDER $5.99.  Wow!  This oughta get your engines running!  You could go crazy buying little inexpensive things!  Wahoo!


Am I crazy or are these worth demoralizing your horse over?  They light up and fit over the halter.  OMG.  I love Xmas cards that have horses wearing these.  Am I cruel?  Well, anyway, they are on sale for $4.  What a deal on something to torture our poor horses…  ;)   Here is the link.

Hee Hee

This always makes me giggle!


I spoke of these before.  They are made by Gabrielle Sutton who is an equine nutritionist guru.  Because of  my previous experience with Gabrielle, I’m pretty much on board with anything she makes.  She wouldn’t create anything if it wasn’t thoroughly tested.  So, if something is worthwhile enough to get her full attention, then it must be good.

I like this idea because it is one bucket full of individually holiday wrapped samples of all of her cookies.  What a great way to ‘share the wealth’ for a barn party or party favors or just to pass around to all of your friends!  The names alone are great fun!  Belly Bites, Stress Busters, Booster Bites, Chubbies  and Owchees.  I’ve tried the Belly Bites and the Owchees.  My horses gobble them up!

Indivudually wrapped baggies of love...


You all know about the donor gift certificates… If you donate to any of our 4 Bucket Fund horses this month:  Tullie (the burned horse), Gump (the ‘different’ horse), Dixie (the old and forgotten horse) or the Wild Horses and Burros (gathered horses) you get a gift certificate made out to anyone you choose which you can use as a gift.  I make them here in the HORSE AND MAN Santa factory so I put in any name or do whatever you like with the certificates.  Click here.

Click for Tullie!

Click for Forrest Gump!

Click for Dixie!

Click for the Mustangs/Burros!

Click for the certificate page!


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

A Deal, the Deal of the Day and the Spursuader!

Thursday, September 16th, 2010 | Filed under Handy Tips

I love deals!  I also love Clearances, Deals of the Day and Grab Bags!

I have no idea why I’m like this… but I will spend $5 on a Mystery Grab Bag before I will spend $5 on a known piece of something I don’t need and will never use.  After all, how often are Grab Bags really something you’ll ever use?  Usually the Grab Bag is an assortment of things they couldn’t sell…  I know this, for heaven’s sake, I used to have a store!

But, it gets me every time.  And so do those 9 letters, C-L-E-A-R-A-N-C-E.  If I go to a website, I read the Clearance items first.  If they have a DEAL OF THE DAY, I immediately click that and start to hyperventilate.  And, DOUBLE BONUS, if they have a cheap enough Grab Bag, I’m sweating and panting!

But first, let’s speak about a product that isn’t in a Grab Bag or on Clearance or a Deal of the Day – however, it may just be a deal of the day if it works for you.  Here goes:


Now, I have never used this item.  I have never used spurs, period.  My horses are usually ready to catapult into the heavens as it is… the LAST thing I need are spurs.  However, I know that many of you use them.  I see them often. And, actually, I like the sound they make when people who are wearing them are also walking around.

So, I guess I have to say that this isn’t an endorsement, just a “Hey, did you know about these and do you think they might work for you” kind of thing.

Even though I don’t use spurs, I have thought about them.


Spurs are supposed to work by rolling the spur up and down the side of the horse to remind him that you are using that leg on him for a reason.  Well, what started as a slight ankle action moved into a larger leg action which made way for an easier “just poke the horse” actions that you see often.

That wasn’t the original idea.  Spurs weren’t made to poke the horse.  So, even though the motion of how many people use the spurs has changed, the design hasn’t.  Therefore, you have these spikey rollers which don’t get to roll but instead just spike.

(You see, the roller spike severity changed according to how you rolled them, not according to how you poked them…)

Sadly, nowadays, the spur can be used in a way it was never intended and that action creates fear and “I’m outta here if you do that to me” action.  I’ve seen it.  I’m sure you have, too.

(And, to be even more historical, a fancy, wheeled and spiked spur, like we see all around, is supposed to be used by finished riders.)


So, this dressage coach noticed that the spur thing was not happening with her students the way they were supposed to work.  Basically, it is easier to poke instead of roll and when teaching or coaching, poking probably didn’t help.

This woman designed a round disk that ends the poking.   Sounds so simple.  One of those, “I wish I woulda thought of that…” type of forehead slapping.


Her philosophy works for me.  I like that she created these so the horse would not be jarred or scarred by inconsistent riders.

Here is her website if you’d like to check them out.  There are magazine reviews and testimonials.

(break and pause. – sip your coffee/beverage of choice)


I got this in the mail and I wanted to pass it onward.  I bought these last year because I was often wrapping my mare’s foot.  Vet wrap was too expensive, even on Ebay.  And then (on Ebay) I found this.  So, I tried it.

Man o Man, for the price, I got a screamin’ deal!  I still have a few rolls left and I love that I always know it is around…  I used it to keep loose boots on a horse, I use it to wrap feet and I use it for anything I need to because it is affordable.

It comes from a company called Med Vet.  They sell medical supplies for veterinarians.

For this cohesive tape deal, you have to take whatever color they give you and the rolls are not as long as vet wrap, but heck, those extra pieces of left over vet-wrap don’t really do anything anyway.  I think these are the perfect size to make one good wrap.

I’ve attached a photo of the Ad which came to me in the mail yesterday (ignore the bad photo, it is a new ad).  Make sure to call and say “AD CODE: E-COH”.  I didn’t see this particular ad on the website so I think you have to call.  800-544-7521

Anyway, the website has lots of veterinary medical supplies.  You might want to check it out for other stuff.  Right now they have a big sale on syringes, too.

Good Luck!


Do you ever go to Jeffers Equine?  I never had either.  But, somehow, I think I was looking for the best price on wormer, I found them.

I like that they often have the cheapest shipping or no shipping at all.  But the best thing for me is the DEAL OF THE DAY!  I just happened to click on the day they had “yearly worming packs” on sale.  Each pack had 3 Ivermectrin and 3 Strongid-type pastes for CHEAP.  So, I purchased 3 boxes and got 9 of each wormer for less than what 9 of one would cost!  I was thrilled!  The bargain hunter in me began whooping!


That particular wormer deal isn’t there today as I write this.  Boo Hoo.  However, they do have many wormer ‘deals of the day’ right now.  So, check it out.  After all, this is worming season.  Your horses are probably starting to rub their tails as we speak.  So, check out the site and you will see the DEAL OF THE DAY in the left hand column.  Click it and begin your hunting!


Jeffers participates in iGive.com.  So, if you register at iGive.com and select your charity, they will automatically take a small percentage of each sale and donate it.  Very simple!  Thanks to Casey from THE GOLDEN CARROT, for pointing out this wonderful feature!


Here is the link for Horsemen’s Lab, if you want to do a cheap and easy fecal check.

(And, I know I’ll get emails so I’ll just say here, personally, I don’t favor feed-through wormers.  That topic is for another post.)

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!
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September's Bucket Fund is the Amazing Grace, the skinniest horse still alive. Click here to learn her story and make any size, secure Pay Pal Donation. Easy and it means so much!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!