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Horses Saving Human Lives?! Horse Heros.

A  horse as a flight animal.  Danger = Ruuuunnn!!!

If humans were an animal of prey, we would rather run than discuss the matter as well…  However, there have been some Horse Heroes recorded lately…

Here are a few stories.


I read about a lady from England who went out to see what was bothering a wailing calf.

She realized her mistake after she had already gone into the pen when the Momma cow rushed to the calf’s aid thinking the woman was the issue…

The cow sat on the woman.  Not good.

The woman realized her predicament and thought she was a goner.  But, suddenly, her horse who shared the pasture, came over and started kicking the beejueezus out of the cow.  The cow moved and the lady crawled to safety.

I’m guessing the horse had had experience with kicking this particular cow… since they shared a pasture.  However, this horse came to the rescue of her owner!

A remarkable story.


I just read about this older rancher who went out to feed in the morning and came face to face with a pack of nasty looking coyotes.

Well, his trusty three horses who were also in the field, came to his rescue.  They circled the wagons and defended their owner against the coyotes.

The rancher reported seeinga few direct hits from his mares to the largest coyote.

Once safe, the rancher exclaimed that he was absolutely sure that these three mares saved his life.

Nice, ladies! Here he is pictured with his horsey heroes!


Another story which doesn’t really fit my model here, but is a good story nonetheless…  In this article, a father swears that his horse helped his autistic child.  He says that the child uttered his first constructed conversation when riding the horse.  And, he feels that the horse was extra special gentle with the little boy.  Much more gentle than with anyone else.  I’m sure this is true because I have a pretty rank lead mare at my ranch and she will test any grown-up I put on her back but will be an angel with a kid.  Go figure.


I once interviewed Rocky from the famed Cowboy College.  He said that he got lost in the Arizona mountains during really bad weather.  He swears that he was so overwhelmed with exhaustion and cold,  he passed out while riding.  The next thing he knew, he was being brought into the ranch house.  His mare had gingerly carried him the extra miles back home.  He feels he owes his life to this horse.


I know that my horses are your normal horses… really no heroes among them.  They will, however, step up and settle a score for me or make things right,  if you know what I mean.  I have accidentally been bitten by my lead mare but once she realized her offense, she looked aghast and just stood there bracing herself for what she felt was a fair retaliation blow.  I didn’t.  I just started to sob gently and she nuzzled me.  Good enough. She made it right. (Horse bites HURT.)

My most literal score settling incident happened when I positioned myself badly and received a grazing kick from a colt.  His Mama, the same horse who accidentally bit me,  ran after him and kicked his hiney across the field and up onto the hill.  Atta girl!  (Pictured is Tess, my lead mare.)

And, as I’m sure  you have all seen, when you are out in the field with the herd and one particular horse is being a butt-head, the rest of the group will snap at some point and say, ENOUGH!  Usually the offending horse will run off and hide behind a tree until he can sneak back unnoticed.

Indirectly, horses have saved my life in an emotional way.  During my divorce many years ago, I was not healthy minded.  Yet, through all of the drama, I still had to take care of my animals.  I dragged my pitiful self out to the barn to help them with their lives.  Hmmmm,  I seemed to forget myself when I was out there.  They got me out of my funk and inspired me to find some money and save the ranch for us.  They got me back into the game.  (Pictured are two of our playful young fillies.)

Another indirect save was just last year when I lost Fanny.  I stumbled upon her body in the barn.  I had never seen a lifeless pet before and I was quite startled and shocked.  I started crying.  After a few minutes of this, I noticed that the whole barn was quiet and watching me.  Now, I had no horses IN the barn.  But, they had all come up TO the barn.  Every one of them was peering inside through a window or an open board, trying to figure out why Mom was so upset. They weren’t demanding treats or hay or anything from me.  They were being honorable.  I remember looking up at all the faces and realizing how lucky I was.

That is why, for me, the human — the predator on the evolution scale — I find it fascinating when the prey animal (the horse) helps us.

I guess that is partially why HORSE AND MAN created the BUCKET FUND.  It is nice to give back…


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!