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DID YOU KNOW THAT HURRICANES CAN ALSO PRODUCE TORNADOES? Tornadoes that rip apart buildings… Meet our newest Harvey Horse victim: WILLOW

It is so wonderful that our September Bucket Fund (read the story of the Hurricane Harvey equine flood victims here) – is OVERFLOWING!

This means our heroic vets (Dr. Kris Anderson and Dr. Ben Buchanan of Brazos Equine) can continue to care for these horses and new horses being treated daily.

Today, I wanted to tell you about one of those new horses.  She’s just a 2 year old filly.   In this photo, she almost looks normal…

She looks fine in this photo… almost.  (Notice how she is standing with her Mom, no halter…)


The owners have 20 acres and their horses run free on that acreage.  According to Dr. Kris, these horses are very well tended.

During Hurricane Harvey, the home on the property flooded badly, so the owners were forced to relocate to a hotel, traveling home to feed the horses.

OK, so, What I didn’t know about hurricanes is that behind a hurricane are ‘storm surges’ that bring huge hail and tornadoes.

And… after Hurricane Harvey had already flooded their home, a huge storm and subsequent tornado hit this area and this property specifically.  It tore the metal roof off of the barn and blew it so far into the 20 acres, no one knew where it was…


…this filly showed up with this horrific injury.

Luckily, no joint involvement.


It was surmised that the filly walked or ran into the metal roof during the dark night of the storm.


She looked almost normal when the owners came to feed… and with the loss of the barn roof, etc, the owners almost didn’t notice.  But then they saw this wound and called Dr. Kris immediately.

Luckily, there was no joint involvement.

Dr. Kris felt horrible for the owners… first the house, then the barn and now their baby girl.  So she offered her services using the excess Bucket Fund monies.

Thank you all, again.

It is wonderful to know the through your giving via the Drop in the Bucket Fund, we are able to ease the bodies, hearts and souls of so many horses – and people.

They dragged the metal roof up through the pastures, ready to remove it, when Dr. Kris took this photo. No one knew where the roof was, until the filly found it, down in a valley.



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