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SEPTEMBER BUCKET FUND RECEIPT AS WELL AS AN UPDATE ON A FLOOD VICTIM! – The one with the skin that ‘crackled’ when she walked…

You all probably remember this photo from last month’s Drop in the Bucket Fund horses from the Houston floods from Hurricane Harvey.

LOOK AT HER NOW! – She is on the mend!

Dr. Ben Buchanan from Brazos Valley Equine Hospital sent these new photos today.

All of the dead skin is gone – much to her relief.  The vet techs said that the horses are always relieved once the dead skin is all gone…

I know it still looks bad, but her skin actually looks very good, according to Dr. Ben.  She has no infection and it is all healing very cleanly.

(I am awaiting update photos from Dr. Kris.  These vets are so busy…)


You were all very generous with your donations and good will!  All the sharing created a huge donation stream and Brazos Valley Equine Hospital was thrilled!  Now the pressure was off – and they could forgive the debts created by dispersing thousands of doses of antibiotics and supplies to Houston vets.

And, they were able to assist many horses whose owners had lost everything in the flooding and subsequent tornadoes.

Amazing Village!  Every drop does add up!  Thank you all!

This is our Pay Pal receipt to Dr. Ben Buchanan at Brazos Valley Equine Hospital who cared for many of the flood victims directly and also supplied many of the local vets with antibiotics and supplies when Fed Ex and UPS could not deliver. They all did amazing work. Thank you!




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