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January Bucket Fund receipt, Update on Amazing Grace and a few great videos!

Hello today!

I thought I would lighten the mood and have a few fun things to discuss today.


If you missed yesterday’s February Bucket Fund post dedicated to LeRoy the Wonderpony who was found wandering around a Home Depot parking lot with a badly mangled leg, please click here.  If you missed it, please read about LeRoy and help if you can.

Click on the image to read LeRoy's story...


Thank everyone who donated and those who sent their good will.  The babies are doing well and thanks to you, the people who ran around and made this happen feel a renewed vigor to continue their quest to save more equines in need.  Great!  We need people like that who go out and do the physical work to make these large rescues HAPPEN!

Bucket Fund receipt from January. Click to enlarge


Do you remember our Bucket Fund story on Amazing Grace?  She was the skinniest horse still alive.  If you missed it, the story is linked here.

Anyway, here is a BEFORE picture – just to remind you.  And then, here is another AFTER photo taken this week.  Look at her!  She is even on a diet!  Very wonderful!  Kudos to Darla Clarke from Strawberry Mountain Mustangs!


Grace AFTER... Amazing! Now she is actually on a diet!


1)  OK, I looooove this one.  The pony is named Cupcake and the music is just perfect!  Enjoy!

THE TOTALLY ABSORBING VIDEO OF CUPCAKE! Click on image to play video!

2)  This one is a singing dog.  The video is short and sweet but it killed me!  I saw this quote from his owner:

“No, we really didn’t train him. When he was young, he watched us play and just figured it out for himself. He plays every day, but he doesn’t play on command, so we are working on that.?”

Click on the image to see this really darling singing dog!

3)  A singing cat.  She also plays piano.  Have you heard of Nora?

Click on the image to watch Nora play the piano!

I hope you had fun today!!!  Don’t forget to read about LeRoy, our February Bucket Fund Wonderpony!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!