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Spandex Recovery Suit for Equine Olympians: THE HIDEZ ANIMAL COMPRESSION SUIT!

Did you see this article?

OK, well a company in Australia has created a compression suit for horses – just like the compression suits human athletes use.  The idea is to help the muscles recover quickly from any kind of stress like travel or workouts.  The suits help enhance bloodflow.

If it helped reduce equine travel stresses, I’d be all for it!  Imagine if show horses could arrive at the shows in tip-top form instead of needing a day to recoup.  For me, I know that when my show horses traveled across the country, it was always a gamble…  The might arrive fine, but they also might be tired or sick or just in a funk.  I used the best in equine transportation and I still never knew how the individual horse would deal with the stresses of long term travel.

I have a lot of barrel racing friends who travel all the time, too.  Their horses are sprinters and often need muscle rubdowns and aids.  Hmmmm.

You can read about the technology and science of these suits here at the website.

After looking all through the site, I think the suits are far less expensive than I thought they would be… and if you have a mount who works-out hard and usually has a rubdown and a liniment regime, maybe this would be a good deal for you…  I wonder how long they last?

The cost is around $520 (if I did the exchange rate correctly) and all three colors are on sale right now!

Anyway, a few equine Olympians are all suited up in this article I posted below!  I think they look like speed swimmers…

For sure, if an opposing team of horses showed up in those suits – I’d be a bit intimidated.   I think.  At least they wouldn’t be overlooked.


He's wearing the black model... They say you can put it on in under 3 minutes and it takes about 30 seconds to get it off.








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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!