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A Beautiful Thing in a Field! The minds-eye of Douglas Van Howd.


I’m going to tell you a story of what happened to me on the way to my Hubby’s new office today…

Hubby’s new office is in a really nice environment, out in a quiet and somewhat rural section of the industrial part of town.  You know the area… it is the place where they put the light aircraft field and the fabricators.  Anyway, Hubby wanted me to help him with his wall hanging and whatnot setting.

So, I drove out there.  La de dah.  Ho Hum.  Just driving along…and as we approached the driveway to his building…

OMG.  What is THAT?!!!

“What is what?”



That HUGE UNBELIEVABLE HORSE SCULPTURE next door in that field???

“Ooooooh, that.  Ummm, I don’t know.”

You don’t know?!  There is a huge, unmarked bronze sculpture within spitting distance of your office and you don’t know?  It is bigger than my horse trailer, made of BRONZE and you haven’t really paid any atention?

“Well, I think it belongs to that building over there.  And besides, I do pay attention.  We have a Peacock here and some hens.”

You know, it is bigger than some airplanes I’ve seen… and it is gorgeous!

So, I get out my camera phone and walk over there to take these shots.  As you can see, the huge bronze is  unmarked and just sitting there.  I expected it to come alive and rush off into the nearby woods.  It was incredible and I was in awe.  I mean, the piece actually feels like is is breathing!  It is so lifelike!

I needed to research this.  So I did.  And, it was pretty easy, actually.  All I had to do was turn around and there was this huge Gallery and Foundry (you need a foundry of your own with pieces this size…).  “Douglas Van Howd” was the name on the building.   Whoda thunk something like this would be in my little town.  Wow!

I drove home and clicked on his website.  Van Howd has been sculpting for years and much of his work is very famous.  In fact, he was the official White House sculptor during the Reagan administration.  You’ll probably recognize some of his work when you peruse his site.

OK, now back to the huge sculpture.  Well, I learned that Douglas grew up in Nevada and has a love for the Wild Mustang.  This sculpture is called, Spirit of Nevada.  He created the seven horses running free (five mares, a foal and a stallion) “to honor this last remaining symbol of the Old West frontier.”

Ahhh, a man after my own heart…  Van Howd created this huge sculpture and many smaller versions in limited editions — which are held at his gallery.  The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm (though we often close for lunch between noon and 1pm) for lucky local readers…!  But, the big’un is just sitting in the field across from his Gallery.  I’m guessing he owns that field?  Dunno.

I’m wondering if the statue will move one day?

The artist and his lovely creation...

Oh, I would hate to see it go.  I sure hope it is still standing when the wild horses are gone.  It is a lovely statement.  Lovely.  The wild horses of Nevada need a Champion.  Thank you, Douglas Van Howd.  Thank you for putting something glorious and powerful in a field near the place where I live.

And, purely speaking from the heart, if my dream of creating a truly wild place for the last Mustang herds to live and flourish comes to fruition, THIS sculpture is what I would want out front…   But wherever its final destination, one cannot help but marvel at the splendor of the wild horse.  Remarkable.
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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!