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I ASSISTED IN THE LIVE BIRTH OF A MINI-DONKEY!! Well, not really, but I watched…

OK, I know this is another post about foaling…

But, I kinda got caught up in the moment!

You see, this morning I was minding my own business when all of a sudden…


Here I was, sitting at my computer checking what needed to be done and making sure my work chores were situated before starting in on my blog.  Le de dah.  Dum de Dum.

And then, when I wasn’t expecting any commotion, I received a comment on the Horse and Man comment board.  Again, I wasn’t expecting anything so I opened it to read as I normally do.

This comment mentioned that the author had been watching Marestare and happened to click on a live camera that had an interesting sounding barn name ( “Asstec Acres Mini Donkeys”) and that when she went to the site, the camera was focused on a mini-donkey who seemed to be about to deliver.

Well, having foaled out a bunch of mares, I was skeptical.  They always seem to be ‘ready to foal’ but they really aren’t until certain things happen.  So, as I finished reading the comment, I wasn’t sold that this was actually happening right then.

However, I decided to click on the barn cam, just to be sure.   OMG!  It was happening!!  I’ve seen lots of mares who were minutes away from foaling and this looked just like that!  I was glued, gripped, white-knuckle watching!  Yup, she was up and down, her tail was in that ‘ouch this hurts’ position.  Her stomach was heaving and the poor girl was standing as if she was about to deliver an elephant.

Game On!

It is at this point that you commit yourself to either watch – no matter what happens – or not watch and miss out.

I chose to watch.  I had to.

I knew nothing about this farm, this jenny or this impending baby… I knew nothing about the sire or the pregnancy or if she was maiden or anything like that.  I was watching a strange-to-me donkey who was in the throws of what millions of donkeys have gone through since donkeys began.  This little donk and I had something in common.  We both wanted her to be OK and for the baby to be OK.  And even though I could only see her, not interact –  and I was only one person watching – I knew that any other human watching was probably thinking along the lines of what I was thinking.

Through this entire process I was chatting to myself and commenting to no one!  I felt so alone as I was witnessing these incredible moments because there was no one around to share.

So, I’m sharing with all of you!


*This photo journal is not based on any reality other than my thoughts at the time.  I still know nothing about this particular birth or the people involved.  I’m just sharing as if you had been here with me during the process.  If you had been with me, you would have been subjected to this running commentary.

All the photos are screen grabs from the actual event as it was unfolding.  I simple captured the images from the Marestare camera and saved them to my desktop.

This is the first image I saw... Tail out, donk in pain, stomach heaving... THIS WAS HAPPENING!

I took this photo because the neighbor donkey decided this was all too much and had retreated into her stall...

As I'm yelling (in my head) that this donk is READY, luckily a human arrives. Always a good vision on Marestare... Note the neighbor has come out again.

Human Mom sees what is happening and realizes that this donkey mom needs some help...

Donk wants comfort from HM but is not ready to push more. HM must be anxious because she knows part of baby is visible and she just wants to get it out!

Donk lays down and HM continues to try to help with this big? baby... I have no idea what is wrong at this point and I'm worried. Is she maiden? Is the baby huge? Does this happen with all mini-donks?

Donk stands up again but HM has her hands on the baby and doesn't want to let go so she travels on her knees around the stall with Momma-to-be

Here we have THE WAITING GAME. Mom and Baby are taking a breather. Neighbor donk has left again.

Oy, little donk flops down with her tail right at the door so HM has to open the stall door to get into position.

Human Mom grabs again and is very intent as donk stretches her legs straight outward and looks back at her stomach

Now I'm stressed. HM is so intent on delivering this baby NOW that she has put herself in an awkward position to pull on that baby and maneuver it out of whatever situation has gotten him stuck. It looks very odd to me but I know HM wouldn't have put herself there unless it was the best position to get the baby out.

HM is obviously pulling and donk is obviously pushing and I think I see baby coming out!

Yes! Baby is out! I can see the entire sack and a dark form inside. Donk puts her head down and looks exhausted and relieved!

This was so sweet, I had to take a capture. It is HM patting donk and I'm sure she was saying what I've said, "You did great! You are a very good girl!"

HM goes about drying the baby, stimulating it and making sure it responds correctly

This looked like HM took the baby's face in her hands and said, "Hi Baby!, Welcome!"

HM checks Momma donk's parts to make sure all is good

HM leaves and I expect donk and baby to get to know each other. Note neighbor coming out again...

More wipedown and neighbor looks on.

Helper enters with something - probably betadine for the umbilicus.

Vigorous baby rubdown as Momma donk recovers herself

Mamma and baby sniff

Baby climbs on Mamma

HM leaves and neighbor watches her go (hoping for a treat?)

HM retrieves placenta so the vet can make sure it is all there and healthy

(I had gone away from my computer and when I came back moments later...) Huh? Where did they go? Neighbor is looking at something...

Oh, OK. HM is cleaning up. The birthing process is messy. (hay bale appears in neighbor stall)

After the stall is clean, HM spreads fresh bedding

HM carries baby back in. Hay bale stack is larger in neighbor stall.

Mamma donk walks in on her own - a good sign

Neighbor says hello to baby

Sign on door is up! A BOY! He is almost standing!

HM kisses them both and waves "seeya" as she leaves them to figure out nursing

The nursing begins as HM looks on. Neighbor retreats again.

HM goes about her day - cleaning neighbor's stall while mom and baby keep working at the nursing thing...

Neighbor peeks out as cute little, healthy baby boy donk stands in his new world just 27 minutes after arriving!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!