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The Nag Nose Horse Ranch Full Face Shade and the Horse Sense Fly Mask reviews. Plus FREE ‘THE BALM’!

Hello All!

Well, a few weeks back I told you that I was going to order a Nag Nose Shade.  Well, I did.  It came.  It was too big (Large Horse size).

So, I emailed them and “Sue” kindly replied and said to just “return to sender” and she’d send out a smaller size, which she did.

The new, smaller Nag Nose Shade came yesterday…

Nag Horse Ranch - Nose Shades


You’ve probably seen these before and giggled a little.  Here is their website.

OK, you are right.  The thing looks rather silly on your horse.  I’m sure the other horses laugh when they see the goofy horse with the Nag Nose on.

But I say… let them laugh.

Do you know why?…  Because it works!

We’ll see how many horses continue to laugh when they note how comfy the Nag Nose covered Equine proboscis is feeling.  You see, besides the shade factor for the fair haired muzzle, it also dissuades the flies!


It arrived.


Initially, Remi thought the thing was very weird, big and stiff looking.  (The mask was new and therefore not as pliable as the one she usually wears.)

She stepped back when I tried to put it on.  After a sniff, I was able to put it over her ears and velcro the two enclosures.  One is behind the jowl and the other around the nose.

This one (Regular Horse sized) fit perfectly!  The end of the mask came right to the end of her pale nose.

But the very best part was that all the flies who were clamoring to land on her delicate nose – disappeared!  I guess the flies didn’t realize that they could climb up under the thing.  But, they didn’t.  Remi’s face was totally fly free!  Yippee!

Sideview on Remi.


I have no idea about the rub factor or how it will wear.  She has only worn it for a day.  So far, so good.

The Nag Nose Shade is made well and I don’t see the webbed material failing.  The velcro is narrow and I do wonder about that – if they will rip off.  Also, the ear part is not adjustable and Remi is at the edges of it…  Then again, not many masks have ear adjustments because the horses would just adjust it right off of their heads!

As I said before, Remi is a big girl…  This fits her perfectly as it is.

Front view on Remi. (Note the tag is still on it - She looks like Minnie Pearl!)


I found the measurements on the website to be difficult.  The company measures them like a halter – over the poll.  But I found this misleading because every face is a different thickness and most horses have different lengths from the nosepart downward.

I think they should measure length of face from tip of forehead to tip of nose.

Anyway, that is how I got messed up the first time.  The listings were very subjective.  Here they are:

Draft Horse, Large Horse, Regular Horse, Small/Cob Horse, Pony, Mini A (small), Mini B.


Well, my Remi is large compared to my regular sized horses.  And, my regular sized horses would not be considered Small or Cobb.  So, I figured Remi had to be a Large Horse size.

But, she wasn’t.  She is a Regular Horse size.  And this regular sized Nag Nose shade that Remi is wearing is far too long for my regular sized horses.  So, I’m kinda flumoxed on their sizing.  If I were you, I’d measure your horse’s face length and then ask them which one would work.

The sizing chart from the website


I have to say that the Nag Horse Ranch website is not easy to navigate – for me, anyway.

They do have lots of photos which is nice but the ordering part is not very intuitive.  So, take it from me, click the left sidebar where it says MERCHANDISE.  Once there, click mid-page where it says “Click here for shopping cart”.  That will take you to another page where you look on the left sidebar and click “All Nag Horse Ranch Shades click here”.

To make it easy, I’ve done that for you.  Just click here and you will be on the product page.



It arrived. (I see that I have the Spanish side of the box facing camera...)

I told you that I was going to order one just because they were so cheap.  Well, I did.  I bought one for Bodhi.

The good news is that it fit him.  Yay!  It was constructed well enough and it fit nicely around his ears and nose – not flappy at all.

The bad news is that he removed it easily.  The shape of it can come off their heads (over the ears) if you don’t have it tight enough.

This would be a good mask for older, sedate  and not too clever horses.  Or, for owners who don’t mind hunting around pastures.

Still the price is very good ($7.99 on super sale here – $9.95 regular price here) and if you have lots of horses, an inexpensive Houdini mask is better than no mask at all.

Bodhi in his Horse Sense cheapo flymask. It fits but I made his hair stick out of the earholes. Silly Human!



OK, this is making me titter a bit!

Equi-Spa has a Summer Special.  You get Grapefruit Coat Refresh, ShowCoat Conditioning Treatment and a FREE tub of The Balm for $30.00!!! (plus $6.95 shipping)  And, Equi-Spa will donate all shipping charges to our BUCKET FUND!  Wahoo!

I have used the Grapefruit Coat Refresh and it works – smells fantastic – and makes my dirty mudball look great on the trails!

I haven’t used the ShowCoat Conditioning Treatment but besides having a lovely fragrance, it is organic and described as “ShowCoat Conditioning treatment is a fabulous leave-in coat conditioner without silicone, which can clog pores and make the mane and tail brittle.  It will not make saddle areas slippery.”

You know I love The Balm!  I use it on my horses’ cuts and sensitive-to-flies areas, on my dogs’ cuts, around my horses’ eyes to get rid of flies, and I even use it on myself!  It totally healed the 17 stitches on my eye and I just put it on some poison oak and it helped enormously.

Of course, the shipping donation to the Bucket Fund is just a nice thing to do…  Thank you, Equi-Spa!

Click on this link to go to the special sale, or this link to view all of the Equi-Spa products!


Click here to go to the Summer Sale!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!