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ANTIFLAM! My initial report…


Have you heard of AntiFlam (linked here)?  I hadn’t either.  A wonderful reader told me I should try it for Norma.  Basically, it is an herbal anti-inflammatory.  (I have no affiliation.)

This is the manufacturer


In case you are new to this blog, Norma, my donkey,  suffered a severe case of Founder around Thanksgiving.  (She is much better, thank you.)

However, even though Norma is much better, I have to keep her in the barn because her good days aren’t consistent.  I’m not saying that her off days are bad, I’m saying that she isn’t perfectly sound.  She’s a little off about every other day or every three days.  She will have some swelling and then it subsides.  She will be a bit off, but it goes away.  Basically, she’s healing and some days are good and some days are not so good.


I don’t want any of you to think that my vet isn’t involved here.  We’ve taken Radiographs and we know she has a slight rotation in both front feet.  Norma has been trimmed to adjust for the rotation.  My vet, farrier and I have decided not to put on the Steward Clog (fabulous shoe, no nails and adjustable…phone: (719) 372-SHOE {7463}) because of her history of abscesses.

As an aside, the Steward Clog people were incredible.  They made clogs for Norma in ONE DAY.  I gave them her measurements over the phone, he made them, sent them out that night and I had them the next day.  Wonderful people.


Two months ago, when this all started and Norma was in acute pain, Banamine was our best friend.  It helped tremendously in relieving her intense pain and getting her past the worst parts so she could begin healing.

But, as you know, Banamine over an extended time (whatever that is to a particular horse is debatable), is bad for the gut.  It can create ulcers and upset the homeostasis in there.  Bad.


Norma was over the worst part of her illness so I really wanted to take her off of the Banamine.  Besides, she had figured out every single method I had of tricking her into eating it.  So, she was spitting it out in her napkin more often than not.  With the price of Banamine what it is (EXPENSIVE – ouch) I decided to go a less gut irritating andmore economical long-term route.

Besides, I knew switching her to some other anti-inflammatory couldn’t hurt her at this point.  It wasn’t as if she would backslide into oblivion.  She was on the mend and this, hopefully, would be a more natural way to help her internal and external reactions to the laminitis.

So, I ordered it.

Here are the ingredients


It arrived from Canada (good exchange rate…).  About 9 days ago, I started her on the loading dose with my vet’s blessing.  A loading dose is the weight amount twice a day instead of once a day.

After the first day and two doses if AntiFlam, she has never taken an unsound step.  I’m going to say that again louder…  SINCE SHE STARTED ON ANTIFLAM, SHE HASN’T TAKEN AN UNSOUND STEP.

I'm loving it!


Since I’m not testing AntiFlam professionally, I’m not sure if maybe Norma decided to coincidentally heal on the same day I started her on the AntiFlam?… Or maybe she had an internal abscess that healed on exactly that day?…  Dunno.  But for my money, I’m going to say that it is working!


Now, I’m not saying that Norma is out of the woods.  She isn’t kicking and bucking.  She is still very careful when she walks.  But, she isn’t limping or taking any off steps.  I’m not going to say it is a cure-all, but it seems to be really helping her heal.  Norma’s appetite if fine, she isn’t grinding her teeth and she has normal breath so I’m pretty sure it isn’t upsetting her stomach.

Tonight, however, I noticed that she had a wet stool so I think the AntiFlam is built-up enough in her little donkey system. I’m going to reduce the loading dose to a regular dose and stop giving it to her at night.  I’ll let you know if she starts limping again.


The good news is that if Norma stays sound after a few more days, I’m going to put her back out with her friends!  Yay!  I get my barn back and Norma has her donkey freedom again.  Hallelujah!

HOORAY FOR ANTIFLAM!  If you want to try it, click here.  (I have no affiliation.)

Beautiful Norma, finally healing

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