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Amazing Doma Photos… (Argentinian Rodeo)


Truth to tell, I am not a fan of rodeo.  Well, parts I am… like bull riding.  But truly, I’m more of a proponent of the animals and find myself rooting for the poor bull or the tiny calf.

Having said that, a reader wrote to me and offered me these photos with the same caveat, “I’m not a fan of rodeo but some of these photos are amazing!”

Well, she was right.  Some of the photos were indeed, amazing.

I decided to pass them onward with the condition that the shots I’m showing here appear to present the horse as winning.  ;)


Martina Vannelli is the photographer for all of these photos except one.  I haven’t met her but I wish I had.  She sure has an eye!


I don’t know much about rodeos in Argentina.  It appears that the tack is very different.  They seem to use a whip when bronc riding.  The horses seem very fit.  I have no idea why some of the tails are cut.  And, I don’t see a bucking strap.

If any of you know the rules here, please let me know.  I am interested and could find nothing on the Internet.  There seems to be a blue pole in every shot.  I’m sure it is significant.


From looking at the photos, I can surmise that spectator safety is up for grabs.  I swear, in half of the shots, you see kids with hotdogs wandering around the background, loose foals, ladies chatting, people riding, no fences, no barriers, groups of people in lawn chairs, cars parked right along the perimeters…  I was aghast yet taken by the total sense of calm while all this bucking and mayhem was ensuing right in front of everyone.


Oh, and these horses that were previously bucking are later seen being walked off the area as calm as could be.  I am not sure if these are wild and untrained?…  Or, if they are trained to buck?  No idea.  What I do know is that most of them seemed much larger than bucking broncs in the US.  But, I could be wrong.


Ouch. But, the horse looks amazing!

Ay Chi wowa!

I would have so let go by this point...

At least he won't get stomped on, too...

That's gonna hurt...

This one looks like a huge draft cross... and it kills me how the guy is hanging onto his hat... as if!

I don't know what to think about his one... they both look very balanced. I guess I was taken by the woman in the lawnchair back there...


I found this one while researching  – or trying to research – Argentina rodeo.  I thought it deserved to be in this photo chronicle.

I wonder if they have ambulances standing by? I sure didn't see any in the photos...


These two were in the mix.  I thought the first one was really beautiful and I wish there was a shot of the whole horse.  I hate that they cut off the tails…

The second one is a stirrup.  Very interesting.

This reminds me of an ice-cream sandwich...

If I was using these, my horse would be MISERABLE. With my short little legs, I'd be spiking him with the corner of that bell shaped leather point!

Well, that is it for today!  Thank you for coming to Argentina with me!  And, thank you, Martina Vannelli, wherever you are…

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!