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Wild Horse Winery helps ease the pain of House Hunting.

Hubby and I are trying to relocate to the Paso Robles area of California.

He wants a really nice house.  I want some really nice land.

Y’know, they aren’t giving away really nice houses on really nice land… and we aren’t made of money so this has become quite a challenge.

I will be writing about ‘searching for horse properties’ in the near future.  But for today, I thought I would write about what we did to ease the pain of searching for horse properties – we went wine tasting!


Hubby has an app on his Droid that allows him to search for whatever he might need wherever he is…

After another unsuccessful day of house hunting in the Central Coast of California, we both needed to take the edge off.  So, what better way (well, I’m sure there are healthier ways…) than to go wine tasting?!  After all, the Central Coast of CA is full of wineries.  Which, by the way, is why we can no longer afford to buy here.

But, that’s another story –

For now, let’s speak about the vineyard we stumbled upon after searching “wine tasting” on Hubby’s super-smart phone.

The nearest tasting room, if you can believe it, was called, “Wild Horse”.

Imagine that… how apropos.

So we went!


I gotta tell you, the land on the vineyard, everywhere, for as far as the eye can see, was beautiful.  I wish we lived there – but you already know that.

Back to our adventure…

We drove up the glorious driveway to the Wild Horse tasting room.  We were the only people.

Happily, we bounced out of the car and I took some miserable photos of the entrance.  To be honest, the Tasting Room wasn’t that picturesque.  The land around it was gorgeous.  Grapes everywhere!  Rolling hills.  Sunlight streaming through scattered wisps of clouds.  Lovely.

I’d really like to live there.

We walked inside.  Happy faces greeted us.  I took photos of everything that had the Wild Horse logo emblazoned.  The people working there wondered why I was so interested in their label.

I took photos of everything with a logo...


Of course, the first question out of my mouth is “Why the moniker?”

The answer:  “Because there used to be wild horses all over these hills before it became a winery.”

Awwww.  That made me sad.

The server saw my face fall and he told me that they donate to RETURN TO FREEDOM SANCTUARY every year.

Hmmmm.  That was nice, I guess. Better than not donating.

But, as I reflected, I realized that I WANTED the land, too.  I doubt I would have kicked off wild horses to get it, but I could see where a not-so-horsey person would take the land from the wild ones.

Very beautiful landscape there...


The counter server was a very sweet guy who loved his job.  No question.  He poured for us and chatted about his favs and why.  We agreed with his assessments.

Then a busload, I swear, of party people showed up.   Our sweet little pleasant time was totally interrupted.  Drat!

Anyway, the wines were great – in spite of the crowded room.   Unfortunatly, we couldn’t afford our favorite so we purchased a bottle of our most favorite in the price category that we could muster.

I took photos of everything.


A while ago I wrote about “14 Hands” vineyard.  It is in Washington state.  The small world story here is that 14 Hands also donates to RETURN TO FREEDOM annually.



I don’t know a lot about Return to Freedom.  I should since it is in my state.  I’m sure I will visit it in the near future.

Return to Freedom is a wild horse sanctuary whose goal is to keep family herds together.  Here is the website.


Well… searching for horse property in the Central Coast area of CA is difficult if you aren’t sitting on a pile of money.

But, the wine tasting is vast and plentiful – so at least there’s that after a long, frustrating day!  <smile>

My step-daughter took this photo while we were in the tasting room. Nice, eh?


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!