I forgot to tell you what I got in my HORSE BOX last month!!

OK so I love grab bags and surprises.  I do.  I mean I REALLY LOVE them.

So, it wasn’t a stretch for me to sign up for A HORSE BOX.  This is the service that sends a little box of equine product joy to your door every month!

Click to sign up!  (No affiliation)

Click to sign up! (No affiliation)


I was a bad girl in that I threw out the box and only have the contents to show you which are sitting on my bed.

*Also, I must note, I received a few other items which are in use at the present time…

A HorseBox grocery bag – which is very important for us Californians now that plastic bags are outlawed.  (I keep my HorseBox grocery bag in my car.)

A HorseBox sanitizer spray which is in my purse that is in my car.

Otherwise, this is what I received!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.15.43 PM

Mane Street Bakery holistic horse treats Biscotti cookies, Bigeloil quilted poultice hoof pads, Hay, That Blue Stuff (for rain rot) and Gastra-FX Ultra by Omega Alpha.

–Mane Street Bakery Holistic Horse Treats Biscotti.   The flavor was apple cranberry and I had no trouble distributing them…

Bigeloil Quilted Poultice hoof pads – which I am sure I will use with Mama Tess at some point to soften her sole or draw out an abscess.  They look easy to use – with a mess free application.  Much cleaner than applying clay and wrapping…

Hay, Where’s the Blue Stuff:  I haven’t used this yet because none of my horses have rain rot because it hasn’t rained much.  But I have heard that it works well for rain rot and also for hot spots on dogs.

–Omega Alpha Gastra-FX Ultra.  I already knew about this wonderful product and use it with Mama Tess since she is on medications often which upset her gut.  I love it!  Tess loves it.  Tasty and it works almost instantly.  I also use Omega Alpha Gastra-FX daily as well as Biotic 8.   (Gastra-FX Ultra is on sale right now at Big Dee!)


I also signed up for a Tack Box!

Again, I used a few items before I took the photo… my bad.

–I received A HORSE BOX travel bag that is now in my car to carry groceries.

–I received another sanitizer spray and a purple curry comb that is now really dirty and Tess’ favorite new grooming tool.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.16.14 PM

My A Horse Box Tack Box. I also received a lovely travel bag, a sanitizer spray and a purple curry comb that Tess loves. My bad that those items were in use elsewhere when I took this photos.

Herballs:  This is a great idea!  The box says, “Our tasty Herballs are completely free from molasses, artificial sugar and flavourings. This makes them suitable for : “ Easy Keepers”, Cushing’s,  Insulin Resistant, Laminitic/ Founder, or IMS horses and ponies. ” 

Tess liked them!

–Banixx Wounds and Infection Spray:  I used this inside of Tess’ hoof… and I must say that it did keep it clean.  I’m not sure it is better than Equisilver, but it is always good to trade off anti-bacterials just in case an immunity is created… so I’ll use both.   It is relatively inexpensive, which I like.

–Powerflex Wrap:  I use this already, daily.  So, it was gone instantly!

Botanicals Liniment Rinse:  I haven’t used this, but it has a nice fragrance.


HERE is the website.

Here is where you sign up for your Horse Box!


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CLICK to go to promo



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