Do you remember this photo?  In June, we had an Emergency Bucket Fund for these 3 wild donkeys who were in a kill pen.

You can read their story here.

Donks in the kill pen.


This note is from Clare Staples of Skydog Sanctuary.

After the good news of yesterday, lets catch up with our three beautiful donkeys currently at the Malibu Ranch. Some of you helped save them from auction a few weeks ago THANK YOU and they have transformed since they have been with us. They’ve lost their scraggly winter coats and are shiny and fatter and a lot friendlier. Their names are Red, Rosie and Paulie. We have a funny history with donkey names as the very first animal we EVER rescued was a flashy red roan donkey called Vinnnie who we still love and adore. After that we rescued a mama and baby donks from a Kill Pen in Waco Texas and they were already named Frankie and Johnny. So now it seems as though all our donkeys are wise guys from New Jersey so we just had to name our new boy Paulie. Plus I wanted to name an ass Paulie

Then we had to find two gangster moll names for Paulie’s pretty ladies and we named them Red and Rosie. One of the BLM girls is very Red and the other is very shy and seems like a delicate Rose. They are having a grand old time living out on the 11 acre hill grazing the brush down and being the best fire deterrent as California seems to be ablaze right now. I’ve read a lot of reports recently with evidence showing that wherever you remove large herbivores from land, catastrophic wild fires are the result. Imagine if we returned a lot of the wild horses and donkeys in holding back on to rangeland or private land that isn’t grazed and they could keep the brush and grass low so when these fires roar they don’t have the fuel they do now. They could act as nature’s fire service. We need to get the environmental balance back in sync and wild horses and burros should be a huge part of that.

So here are Paulie, Red and Rosie this morning having their breakfast in the top barn before they go out and munch the hill. We must never forget that the fight for our wild horses also includes wild donkeys like these three. They are just the sweetest most loving and loved animals and their wild herds need to be protected before there are none left out there and sanctuaries like this one are the only place to see them x

Pretty Girl Red

Paulie has the striped cross on his withers and a lot of striping on his legs and back. Very unusual and cool x

Paulie and his donkey ears

You can see the stripe on his back here

This is the shy girl Rose who is almost black on most of her body

Paulie looking so majestic

Red showing off her color and her fuzzy ears

Rose has the sweetest nature but is usually hidden behind her two friends. She and Red have BLM brands and Paulie doesn’t

Yes Paulie, You are safe now FOREVER x

RED – such a pretty girl. From Auction to Malibu ocean views, these are some happy Burros




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  1. Clare Staples

    Thank you so so much to everyone who donated to help save these donkeys lives and keep them together. I had no idea how bonded they were so it is even better that they didn’t have to be separated. They will love out their lives at Skydog Sanctuary and never have to worry about ending up at auction or in a kill pen again. You guys are amazing and we so much appreciate your support. WE could not do it without caring people like you to help when there is an emergency rescue like this one. Hugs x

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