Skydog Sanctuary sent a video of ROJO RUNNING FREE AND KICKING AS HE PASSED THE CAMERA! So joyful in his freedom. Thank you, Skydog.

Skydog Sanctuary was kind enough to video Rojo yesterday as he ran and played past the camera.

It was so gracious of Skydog to send the short piece to me.  Ahhhh… to see my boy, fat, shiny and sassy is AMAZING.  Thank you, Skydog Sanctuary, for giving Rojo his freedom.  I am forever grateful.

His black buddy is Jimmy (a rescued riding mustang) and the two Chestnut mares were rescued from Buddy’s herd – they were found in long term BLM holding pens (hence their tattoo numbers).

Click here to watch the video of Rojo.

Click image to watch Rojo run free with his buddies!

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