A BRAND NEW BABY at SKYDOG RANCH SANCTUARY! This baby and his mother would never have survived the slaughter truck if Skydog hadn’t stepped in.

A BRAND NEW BABY at SKYDOG RANCH SANCTUARY!  This baby and his mother would never have survived the slaughter truck if Skydog hadn’t stepped in.

A Foal.  New life!  My favorite.

The best part is that this baby and his mother would have been on a dinner plate right now, if not for the benevolent intervention of Skydog Sanctuary.   Now, these two are living.  Beautifully.

Please make your day by reading these posts from Skydog Ranch Sanctuary.


Very good morning from Skydog Ranch. I went out this morning to feed at 6.30 and found this little bundle of joy up and out and walking around as if nothing much happened. Aerial had her foal. In January. In the wild like she would have. When I think about the photograph I saw of her with Bear and Pammie all those months ago in a kill pen it is just amazing to see her with her baby looking healthy and well. We had someone look at her only yesterday as we were prepping a barn for her to move into and have her baby there and even yesterday she hadn’t bagged up or shown any sign of dropping other than her huge belly. But the baby came. Out in the middle of 40 acres on the top of a hill in the night. Its incredible and made me cry to see them. So we are now off to try and push her into the barn as tonight is going to be cold – what a clever mama she is. No idea yet if she is a girl or boy. More news later xxx


What an amazing day. Never did I ever imagine how wide my heart could open to such a beautiful perfect little creature. All of the hard work. All of the challenges. Everything melts away in the presence of this little perfect foal. Thank you for so many great suggestions for names. They were all good. We already have a horse called Winter but Stormy, Whisper, Aquarius, Sky Angel….on and on – they were all beautiful and we shall try and choose one tomorrow. She is healthy, strong, drinking her milk, laying in the straw we put out for her. We started to push her little herd into the barn but they didn’t want to go tonight and it isn’t windy or too cold so we put piles of hay out for now and will see how they feel tomorrow. Mama is doing great and eating her grain and lots of hay while baby drinks. Bear is being an amazing father (he ate the afterbirth which was disgusting but kind of cool). And Pammie is being a sweet attentive friend to Aerial and her baby. Mama does not want any of them to be too close and shoos them away and mainly follows her baby around watching over her like a protective mother should. They are divine. Truly a gift from God. They will be a family and stay together forever and live their lives as close to or as far away from us as they want here at Skydog. Shutting up now and letting the photos speak for themselves xxxxx


Just to officially announce that our new foal is a boy. After a lot of confusion and uncertainty I finally gave him a good scratch on his butt today and managed to lift his tail for a second. The funny thing is that he was born so fluffy with so much hair for a winter coat that it was impossible to get to see any bits ?:) We have decided to name him Whisper. He was born so quietly in the middle of the night that it was kind of like God whispering to us and such a sweet gift from the heavens. We call him Baby Bear too or BB so we shall see which one sticks. He really is the most friendly adorable little boy. He comes right up whenever I kneel down nearby and starts nuzzling and wants scratches and tickles as long as I can give them. His mama is very sweet and watches and seems to enjoy the attention she and he are getting. She comes towards me when I come in the pen now and we were successful in moving all four of them to the small pen where there is a beautiful barn full of straw in case they get cold. The second mare Pammie is getting really big now and is looking like she might have her foal anytime soon. Such an amazing time here right now. Fingers crossed and prayers that the second birth goes as well as the first. Come on baby, we are ready and excited to meet you xxx

Little Whisper sleeping soundly after some good mother’s milk x

Mama Aerial and her baby Whisper hanging out in their new pen

Pammie getting bigger every day, waiting patiently for her baby to arrive, we figure she can’t be far behind as they have been together x






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