Beautiful Imagery for your Monday – Let your Imaginations Fly and be happy!

I received the below email from SkyDog Sanctuary this weekend and I LOVED IT.

For me, I could ‘feel’ exactly what she (Clare) had written.

Yummy, vibrant imagery of wild horses in the snow.  Healthy, happy and safe horses at her Skydog Sanctuary.

From Clare:

The morning before I left to come down to Malibu to get the two new rescued mustangs I was out feeding the Oregon horses and I heard a sound and could not for the life of me understand where it was coming from or what was making it. It was the sweetest tinkling sound like sleigh bells or wind chimes but very high pitched and had many different notes and tones. I suddenly realized it was the little icicles hanging from the horses clinking together as they trotted and as they ran towards us it just got louder and brought me to tears. If I had never rescued these incredible horses, if I had never come to Oregon, and the snowy winter has definitely been a challenge, but none of it mattered to hear that sound. It was truly so magical and pretty much one of the most special moments of my life. Here are some snowy pictures of horses as I get ready to head back up there. Oh and if you aren’t following us on Instagram yet we are nearly at 1000 followers so please go like us @skydogsanctuary and you can see the arrival videos of the two new mustangs we took from HiCaliber Horse Rescue and some more photographs that we haven’t posted yet on Facebook…..thank you for all our support and great comments. You have no idea how much they mean to the people who work and volunteer here. Have a very happy weekend x

One of the wild boys from Beattys Bute x

Daisy from Utah

Tami from Oregon

Some people call these braids Pixie Stirrups as the legend has it that pixies ride the wild horses and use these for stirrups

Jones a Yakima Reservation mustang

Luna and Ireland looking at Kimmie and Read

Beautiful Read – 22 year old mustang with a very old halter injury on his face – doing really well in the cold and snow and always rolls when we come to feed

Slash, one of the Wild Ones x

Gorgeous Missy has truly become an amazing horse since being with us…..she is an absolute sweetheart and always comes to the truck for grain and can find it wherever we try and hide it – she is a very smart horse

Jackson, just the most amazing and loving horse – the first horse we rescued and still the love of my life


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