A few weeks ago, I wrote about Goliath, the 25 year-old wild mustang stallion who was recently captured (why?) and gelded…But luckily Skydog Sanctuary heard about this soon to be deemed unadaptable. older horse and found out his history from those who had followed his band for years… and Skydog rode in to the rescue!   You can read that story here.

Well, today, Goliath made it to his final home, Skydog Sanctuary – and met up with his mare.  Unbelievable!  From captured, gelded and unadaptable… to FREE again with his mate.  Miracles do happen.  Thank you, Skydog.  Thank you.


We are working on get more video up and edited. Trouble was that where Goliath and Red Lady reunited ended up being completely as far away as they could be. And how can we blame them. Why on earth would they want to share that with a bunch of pesky people and long lenses. BUT I have some photographs of him running the length of five football fields to get to her. He galloped the whole way and didn’t stop until he reached her. And in these photographs you can see that she was just as happy when she spotted him for the first time too.

It was truly everything we hoped it would be and more. It was just further away. But this was all about them today. Them having that beautiful moment and locking eyes and running to each other. I will never forget it and neither will anyone here. It was so much the culmination of much hard work and worry and stresses and close calls and No’s turning to Yes’s. Most of all it was the determination of a group of horse loving souls who were determined to do right by these horses. And we did.

I don’t know why from the first time I ever set eyes on Goliath I knew this was important. I was determined from the beginning that his roundup and capture was not going to be the end of his story. That he and his family losing their freedom was going to count for something and hopefully bring change.

Change to a broken system of round ups and holding. Change to a policy of not re-releasing older stallions back into the wild when they should be. Change to stop gelding stallions over 20 due to the risks and trauma incurred. Change to a better sorting of what horses are left in the wild – Curly mustangs are rare and wonderful and the world needs more of them and their genetics matter when there are so few of them.

These are some of the issues we would like to raise awareness of over time, these and many others. Because change is overdue and long needed.

BUT today is not about that. Today truly is about two horses who care deeply about each other. Have had several foals together in the wild and will live to have another one together. That is important and meaningful and has to be worth something. Since we started Skydog it has been our dream and today it came true. Came true and beyond out wildest dreams is a reality today.

Thank you to Carla and Sean for getting our boy and girl here so well and carefully and with so much gentle handling and thought. To Elaine Nash, Ethan and Jon, Raven, George, Andrea, Maureen, Pat, and all the beautiful wonderful caring donors – the list goes on and on and you all know what a special place you have in my heart and how important you were in making this happen.

We did right by these horses. Hundreds and hundreds of people donated to be a part of this and are rejoicing in their happiness today. We did this you guys. You did this. And I love you for it xxx

Goliath came out of the trailer like he knew he was home x

Goliath came charging over the hill when he saw his girl

He has spotted her x

And Red Lady sees him coming

First moment as he approaches


Sweet kisses and sniffs – is it really you ?

By the way, I am having a baby xxx

Let’s get out of here xxx

Into the woods, they will never find us again x

Dreaming of her new life on a mountain top

And gazing into his future and it looks pretty bright x

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  1. Nancy Hettinger

    I followed this when the auction was going on, sitting way far away in PA with my fingers crossed that Skydog would be successful in getting Goliath. Reading this reunion and seeing the pictures brought tears to my eyes. So glad these two were reunited! Sad that they will only have one last foal together, the one that Red Lady is carrying but at least the genetics of these two wonderful horses weren’t completely lost. Keep fighting the good fight!

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