DREAMS DO COME TRUE! A Mustang Family reunited after a decade!

I heard the  most wonderful story today!  A mustang family reunited after a decade of separation after their roundup.

As you all know, Sam, Rojo and Remi are now living a wonderfully free life at the 9000 acre SkyDog Ranch Sanctuary (FB).

Well, this heartwarming story comes from SkyDog Ranch and its founder, Clare Staples.  Her words are below.   (All photos courtesy of SkyDog Ranch.  All photo captions were written by Clare Staples.)

This is an amazingly special post for me to write. As many of you know I have been looking for my very first Mustang Buddy’s family, or the closest thing to his family, members of his herd from Little Humboldt, Elko District, Nevada, for many many years. After a lot of time and a lot of determination I finally found three mares from his herd who had been at Indian Lakes Holding facility since they were rounded up. Bringing them together has healed a wound in my heart for the loss that he suffered and I know one hundred percent that I have done everything I can do to get his family herd out of BLM holding and back together with him. I love Buddy so much. He feels like my soul mate and my best friend and he inspired me to save mustangs. For Buddy I will never stop fighting for these incredible horses, raising awareness, trying to educate people about the things they can do to help and to lobby for the SAFE Act to be passed so no more mustangs go to slaughter.
We brought Buddy back up to Oregon this weekend and as any horse person knows introducing horses to each other often involves a lot of squealing, kicking, posturing, chasing, ear pinning…..any of the above and more. But this was such a quiet and beautiful meeting. Buddy has two friends in Hunter and Little Girl and he didn’t want to leave them so I took a chance and followed my gut and turned them all out together. Below are the photographs of Buddy seeing his herd for the first time and approaching them. Silently and sweetly and with so much love and caring and interest. It was everything I ever hoped it would be. And best of all three beautiful mares went from living for years at Indian Lakes to living in the wide open spaces of Oregon with other wild horses the way they were supposed to be. It was magical to me – touching and beautiful and so rewarding. I fulfilled my promise to my Buddy, I found his family and am so happy that he gets to live out his days with them in an environment as close to wild as he can ever know….I am really grateful to Patti Wilson at the BLM holding in Burns for helping me get them to Oregon. We did right by Buddy and I hope he gets to live a long and happy life together forever with his wild family from Little Humboldt…..


buddy never looked more beautiful to me than on that day he wasreunited


buddy hunter and ittle girl were turned out and went to drink and eat some hay totally unaware that there were three other mares nearby


And slowly they made their way near to Buddy, peering through the trees at the newcomers…


Buddy spots them and walks towards them


They walk to meet him


Buddy is alert


The very first meeting


The mares look nervous but stand and wait for him to get to them


The first touch with the mare that reminds me so much of Buddy

No snorting or pawing, just a very long hello

No snorting or pawing, just a very long hello


I was holding my breath during this!!!!


And now to say hello to Black Beauty


Another touch


And then Hunter and Little Girl join him to say hello


Hello’s all around x


I was pretty much crying by now…..it has been a long and emotional journey


They all seemed so sweet and polite and gentle to these mares who are usually so shy and reclusive sometimes its hard to find them


Buddy paws the ground


And then they took off running, as a herd, nobody chasing, just running for the joy of it….


All six of them took off into the trees


Running wild and free, just like in my dreams for all these years….

You can follow SkyDog Sanctuary here!



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  1. martha hunter

    Clare, Your story brought me to tears too !!! What a Beautiful story !!! I can relate , as I have loved wild horses my entire life !!! Literally my whole life !!! & have protected and fought for them as well . My Dream now is to live out my life some where like your rescue , doing whatever is needed for the wild horses. Please contact me , if you hv need of some one who can communicate with wild horses like something out of a story book . People say that the horses see me as one of them . : – ) Prehaps they do ? I love your sucess story , what a dream come true !!!

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