It is the day after Christmas – how about a little dog and pony story…

You all know that I have great regard for Skydog Sanctuary, where Rojo, Sam and Remi now reside very happily, totally free (with meals)!

Here is a sweet story from Skydog that should put a smile on your face!

STORY… (from Clare at Skydog Sanctuary)

There are many sweet and unlikely friendships at Skydog Sanctuary – friendships made in kill pens, on hauls, life long friendships – but one of the sweetest and cutest is the friendship between Cassidy the Mini Hinny and Barkley the Great Dane. They love each other. Barkley goes up to play with him all the time. He jumps on him when he seems him, endlessly hugs and kisses him and Cassidy seems to adore him which is funny as he doesn’t really hang out with the other donkeys in his pen and tends to just kick them if they come too close to him ! But Barkley can do anything and get nothing but love back. These two are just the cutest so as we near Christmas its good to think about our nearest and dearest – our closest friends who we love no matter our differences. Its what life is all about – its snowing right now and looks so pretty just in time for the 25th to give us a white Christmas which is perfect xxxx


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