This week, you get the last two weeks of PhoBlogs that didn’t send!

1/14/23.  TODAY, it is pouring rain in California.  I’m guessing many of you have read about this.  Our power is off and on.  Tough to upload pics.  But, let’s go for it!


Storm clouds are scary, but beautiful!

Gorgeous and he knows it…  photo by Tamara Gooch

I love this. What a great face!  Southern Ground Hornbill

What a GREAT idea!!

These huge bats look like hanging dogs, to me.

Red-eyed crocodile skinks look like baby dragons

These are flowers!

Perfect colors.


Kinda like us… a myriad of colors

A neighbor actually found these guys in her yard. Makes me think that they fought each other and were caught on that side…

Both determined.

So pretty.

Annual event in CO. I would love to see that!

This pic tells SUCH a story!

1/21/23.  Today started with an Emergency with Norma Jean.  She had choke.  The ER vet came almost immediately and we did resolve this episode… but aspiration pneumonia and other issues still lay in wait.  I don’t know why she choked…  was it old age or her teeth or something underlying?  We will find out.


Mother Nature and her artwork, astounds me.

So creative!

OMG, I love this!

I could see this as a great room for the grandkids where they could all be together. However, looking at the chess board, I think this is for grownups.

This puppy stole my heart.


Again, Mother Nature with her sense of humor…


A little bandit kitty

This reminds me of my youth near Yosemite… crossing cold rivers on boulders.

Clearly we are past the season, but still good to know.

snow flake.


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