This week, Sunday is Phoblog Day…

Well, for the first time in HORSE AND MAN history, I missed a day.

I didn’t post or re-post last night.

After a very long, crazy and laborious shoot week, I came home and passed out.

I’m still pretty brain-dead today.  It has taken me twice as long to do anything paperwork-wise.  Good thing I have tomorrow (Sunday) to keep working more.  Yipee.

But, it is this kind of work that keeps my horses fed.  I just prefer the less stressful, easier-on-the-soul type of work than what I’ve been enduring on this commercial.

Anyway, here is a Sunday PhoBlog!



He looks happy...

They're cute when they're young...

Great expressions!

I love this one!

Doesn't look comfortable to me...


Love it!

This was sent in by a reader... these are her two. I wonder which is the boss?!

These shots always make me smile...


Silly dog, those aren't street legal!

I thought this was interesting...

Such a great shot!

So sad to have a heart on your forehead as you strain to see outside of your cage...

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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