Today, it will rain again (ugh), so I will do stuff indoors … probably clean.  Boring.  But it has been a fun and eventful week, so cleaning is fine today.


I like it!

A beautiful raven photo by Kat Livengood

Gorgeous colors, Montana. Thank you.

I love this old tyme painting.

Silly but it made me laugh.

I’ve never seen this in real life… interesting.


So interesting.

I love this!

So cute!

I wish this photo was larger because I think it is adorable.

Awwww… reminds me of Nomar and Nadia – so afraid of cats. (And a very smug cat, indeed.)

I wrote about this a while back … and this post is a very good reminder. Mother Nature has innate cures.

So adorable…such love and play!


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