The Holidays are here!

I know that many of you are busy preparing great feasts.  Others are wondering what to do today and some of you might be sad.

Well, for the busy people, this blog post will be easy to peruse.  For those bored people, this will be something to play forward… and for you sad people, hopefully, these photos will put you in a warm space for a moment or two.

I’ve assembled a ton of Holiday photos.  I hope you enjoy!


The Pyramid Lake Reservation (Nevada) ran many horses through the Fallon feedlot, with the misinformation that Rescues would be there to bring them to safety (no fault of Rescue workers…).  Unfortunately, all of the horses went to kill buyers.  I was told that the Reservation officials were not too pleased and have since made other safe arrangements directly with a Rescue for 150 yearlings and weanlings.

However, 235 Reservation horses were awaiting transport to their bitter end.  Until there was a Holiday Miracle!

I have cut and pasted an email I just received.  Here is the link to more of the story.

And now for the Holiday Photo Extravaganza!


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Linda Horn

    And blessings be on the Paiute Nation. May they continue on the sacred path of the Great Spirit!

  2. Linda Horn

    Each morning I open “Horse and Man” first, because I know I’ll find something informative, humorous, touching, or inspirational about the animals gifted to our care.

    This morning you brought news of a true Christmas Miracle – FREEDOM for the Pyramid Lake horses! I believe the Lord, Great Spirit, or whatever Higher Power guides human lives, sent two special Angels to save these deserving animals.

    Blessings be on Madeleine Pickens, Jill Starr, and everyone they hold dear;

    Blessings be on these noble horses as they begin their new lives;

    Blessings be on you and yours – the two leggeds and four leggeds that bring each other joy;

    And blessings be on all creation in this holy season and throughout the coming year!

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