Today we have guests at the AirBnB, so I will spend the day cleaning out the garage and making room for stuff.  It has been rainy, windy and cold – the horses are muddballs.  But, we need the rain so I’m  not complaining!


Cracks me up.

So handsome.

Baby reindeer!

Wild ones… photog: Kat Livengood

This is a spot on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Look at that ferocious face!

Orphaned babies growing up together.

Such a creative person!



I love this! A stable of Mogans. My fav. “Wasn’t me…”.

Yay! Kids learning!! Ponies are so tough.

Amazing view in New Zealand

I wish Plllllll’s hair grew like this!

This photo was used in a German ad. It said to get a stuffed one if you aren’t ready to care for them well, forever.

Morgans at Xmas!

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  1. Bonnie Bishop

    I always scroll down slowly to enjoy the picture, and then enjoy your captions.
    When I got to the stable isle, I said to my self, wow Morgans.
    So nice since I have not seen a Morgan in person for over 45 yrs, that I can still recognize them.
    Thanks for giving me that pleasure!

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