FIRST, BEFORE WE BEGIN, I HAVE 2 LG Bitless BRIDLES HERE, which is very unusual!!   You can read about them here.  If you would like the brand new Black/smooth chinstrap for $125, click here for black smooth.  If you would like the brand new Brown/chain chinstrap for $125, click here for the brown chain.

Today, I am putting front tires on the truck and I might partake in a Spring walk around Paso Robles… then I’m going to Lowe’s to get exterior paint samples.  Time to get rid of the powder blue house!  And, I think I am going to paint the house myself!


Sweet baby…


Love the sky, too

A bat in motion. Very cool.


A real cow… from THE GENTLE BARN

There’s a story here…

Beautiful Aussie sky – and roo.

Our friend, Elke Vogelsang, photog extrordinare

Mules are awesome!

Beautiful roan wild ones!


From Dr. Laura!

I loved this… very homey.

MORE WAYS TO HELP THE DROP IN THE BUCKET FUND! – Please look at these options and photos and help if you can!  Thank you!!!!

-RIDING WAREHOUSE... if you are purchasing tack/items, go through this link at Riding Warehouse!  Riding warehouse donates monthly to the Bucket Fund, depending upon sales.

OR, IF YOU NEED COLIC CUREuse this link to purchase!  You receive an instant $10 coupon and they donate to they Bucket Fund!

FEBRUARY DROP IN THE BUCKET FUND!  Guinness is a 17 year-old Irish Draught lifelong Schooling horse – His severe tumors were left to grow to over 2lbs!! Vet surgeon says he can fix it,  LET’S PLEASE HELP HIM! Click here for story and to donate!

Guinness had his feet done today… They said he was a doll.

LOOK at that horrible tumor (2 pounds!) dangling from his chest wall. OUCH! This and the huge one on his chin need to be removed so he can walk and eat comfortably. THANK YOU for all your support!

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