TODAY, me and my Valley Fever traveled to Wyoming to visit Hubby’s best friend for his Bday (Hubby’s bday.).   I would not say I feel that much better, just that we had planned this trip for a while and I didn’t want to break Hubby’s heart by not going.  So, we are in Laramie, Wyoming!



They look so happy!

Not for me… too high!

Hubby loves goats!

This photo cracked me up!

Sweet baby!


Roosters always seem to look annoyed… probably just my perspective.

How can you not smile at this one!

Salt River wild horses!

Next time I build a barn…

I wish I could see the inside…


Kat Livengood

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  1. MET

    Dawn, do you have Valley Fever or just the flu? Valley Fever (I’ve had it, from living in Arizona, including a cavity in one lung) is nothing to be cavalier about.

  2. Doris McQuiddy

    So sorry you are not over being sick yet. It takes time and rest and you know-that stuff that is hard to do in the midst of doing what you must to keep your world righted. Please take care and choose rest when those moments occur when you can.

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