Today, I’m pretty sure I will be flat on my back, trying to recover from whatever ails me. I had a chest Xray and they ruled out pneumonia… SO the DR says it could be Valley Fever or just a ‘really bad flu that’s going around…’. Oy. Sick sucks.
And, I CANNOT give this to Hubby because his birthday is Tuesday AND we are going to visit his best friend on Thursday.
Horsegods, protect him!!



Hubby sent this to me

John Lopez. His work is amazing.

Great shot.

I love this.

A family…


from Kat Livengood.

Mustang Maddy has been working with this zorse!

Perfectly timed photo

So many interesting ideas we humans have…

If I had a red barn, I would do this.

I picked this for my friend Debbie M.

This is a quilt!


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What a gorgeous boy!

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