TODAY, I will be making jewelry all day… the big show, COWGIRL CHRISTMAS, is Nov 24-25 here in Paso Robles, CA.  Come!




Wow! I wonder what you see from the deck!

This is the Corgi puppy who fell asleep during our Sunday mass from the retreat last weekend.


That horse looks so serene…

Very pretty.

I love this.

I laughed.

Another great costume!

The horse looks very proud of himself.

What do you see first? I see the reclaimed barnwood floors!

I spit my coffee when I saw this!

Uh huh, and then this happened…

NOVEMBER BUCKET FUND HORSES:  BONNIE AND CLYDE – Perfectly trained, sweet, polite – AND STARVED.  Click  here to read their story!

All Donations are 100% tax deductible!  We are 1/4 of the way there!  Please donate your Starbucks money, car seat change or any amount!  It all adds up!  Thank you!!!!

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  1. Katherynne

    Guessing here that the elk herd photo is in Gearhart, Oregon – despite locals’ dismay at ornamental flowers devoured and lawns pockmarked in various hoof sizes the town is doing a land office tourism business, far more than normal, because of the elk. If anyone wants to see a feature about this phenomenon you can go look at the Oregon Public Broadcasting website under “Oregon Field Guide” and watch it online. Amazing!

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