Today I have to create my first Voiceover audition with all of my new, home equipment… I have a bit of fear that I won’t be good enough, but I’m also really excited because I love to do this kind of work!


Too cute!


I took this photo just today – my neighbor’s puppies. Peaches and Maggie.

Finding a warm spot can be difficult…


I think this is V6 Ranch here in Parkfield…not sure.

Wow… I wonder what that little tree in the forefront thinks…”Yes I can!”

This is in New York.

Goodbye, Summer!

I’m guessing this is photoshopped – but it is cool anyway!

Besties from So Cal Mini Sanctuary.

Some people are sooooo creative!

I LOVE the topknot!

My Mom’s best friend passed away… and her son sent these to me because they hung in her house for years – a nice memory. Anyone know what they say?

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  1. Susie

    My friend here said that they are Chinese good luck characters or symbols. Typically, they put them up as good luck for the new year and then take them down again.

  2. dawndi Post author

    Oh thank you!!! You are the only one so far so good on you! I have placed that character on my computer so it
    faces me all the time!

  3. Linda Laddin

    The Chinese character on the bottom right is Fu,which means luck or good fortune. These are probably good luck characters and are also very beautiful. Sorry I can’t read the rest of them.

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