(Bowing our heads towards Florida…)

Today I will clean for AirBnB guests…


LOOK AT THAT FACE!!! Who says horses don’t have emotion?!

I found this on FB so I have no story or photo credit… but this is a person in Florida who is evacuating his chickens with him.

Polo ponie headed for a match…overseas.

Heh Heh

A gorgeous wild stallion. Thank you Kat Livengood.

This looks like a fake forest!


And another one! Who made these cakes??!!

Baby moose. Such long legs.


Another gorgeous wild one.

I cannot even imagine putting this together… But I did travel through Boron, Nevada… next time I will go to the 20 Mule Team Borax museum there.

Firefighters in Oregon – trying to lighten their situation. In case you haven’t heard, the gorgeous Columbia Gorge is burning due to kids with firecrackers.

Gorgeous wild ones. I do not know who took this photo.

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  1. Alice Yates

    Loved reading about your crew!
    We lived for a few years in Wyoming and I got to know mustangs well.
    Moved there from Texas and took my horses with me – what great adventures we had!
    I have a Belgian PMU rescue, her daughter from a thoroughbred daddy and a TW.
    I have some great pics to share but don’t see how to attach or upload….

  2. Dawn

    I really look forward to Saturday and these pictures. I love them all.

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