Today is another cleaning day… but that is OK because the outside temperature is supposed to be 104!


This is Petey Pants. I put this on here because I want to remember when it wasn’t so darn HOT here… and because he is so cute!

I thought this was creative.


Perfectly timed.

I know I showed this a few weeks ago, but I love it. Monique Hanson Art.

I love this.

Showing is Exhausting.

Proud and beautiful wild ones.

Cracked me up.

Baby Kang. So sweet.

Beautiful. Zonkey.

Such controversial beings.

I love this idea.

I love this shot. It looks like these guys are making decisions about which way to go…



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  1. dawndi Post author

    For me, if there was a fire, I think the mane stays are more visible and easier to understand for whomever might find them, than a microchip. That’s all. And, not all microchips can be read via all readers. So, just to be very fast and easy for anyone to return them to me… I’m not against microchipping at all.

  2. Donna Moore

    I’ve seen the mane-stays before and like them.
    Is there some reason you haven’t microchipped your horses?

  3. Denise Ellis

    Love your photo blog days the remote …my kids reckon I need that
    Really enjoy Horse and Man

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