Today is another cleaning day.  We have guests coming to stay… Hopefully, I will have a chance to plant a few trees this weekend!  I love planting trees!


Relaxing in CA

Photo taken by the guy relaxing in CA. Anyone know his name? I need to find it.

Bats look like dogs to me…

A gorgeous shot.

I think he cleared it.

Mustang Maddy! I love the expression on the horse’s face!

Another beautiful shot from Kat Livengood.

A wet camel baby.

They don’t look real…

And another gorgeous shot by Kat Livengood.

So pretty.

Cracked me up…

I need one of these in my backyard. Horses invited.


This I found again after 5 years… I love it. I had it on my desktop for years! I smile every time I see it!  This girl worked at the local saddle exchange near Grass Valley.  Her horse had a facial injury so he couldn’t shut his lips.  Great shot.



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  1. dawndi Post author

    Did you mean Sam? From Skydog’s Instagram? If not, please send! I’m curious how Remi would be on Instagram!

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