Today, I prepare to leave for a few day to Los Angeles for Casting.  Hubby will tend to the fields.


Oh my gosh! What would you name this foal?!

Cute baby!

This cracked me up!


Love the water running past the house…

Desert stars.

I’ve used this before but I still laugh when I see it.

Most feet off the ground!

Bodhi. He is so happy and fawned over in Grass Valley.

The horses are returning to R Lazy S Ranch (Jackson Hole, Wyoming) after wintering in lower elevations. Gorgeous.

Beautiful. Perfect colors.

Decking! I love decking!

Baby Rhino.

This made me laugh out loud

Kids will be kids…

Do you all remember PLLLLLLLL? Here she is in all of her glory! She lives in Grass Valley with our good friends on 37 acres.

MAY BUCKET FUND HORSES:  CHATTERBOX AND BLUE!  We are SO CLOSE to our goal!!  We only need $360 for Blue and Chatterbox!  PLEASE, if you can, donate your Starbucks money or car-seat change!  It all adds up!  All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you in advance!  (Prayers needed, too.)  Click here to donate!

Click image to read about the rare Fells Pony Stallion who needs our help! FAST.

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