TODAY, I must clean for AirBnB guests… not complaining.


Love this!

May as well use ’em…

Baby rhinos sucking on each others ears!

70-year-old Mrs Elizabeth Arnold, believed to be England’s only woman blacksmith, shoes a horse outside the 400-year-old forge in Walmer, Kent.

Look at this. Amazing emotion here.

Horse and trainer. Love. Trust.

Goofy baby face!

This made me laugh!

Nevada wild ones.

There’s an idea for your old trough!

LOOK at those feet!!!


April’s baby…

So Cal Mini Sanctuary.

Some woodworker had a bit of extra time and a huge amount of fun creating this!

My Scoutypants… doing her job.  Usually, she is free to roam.  But on this day, we had guests.  Since this is her favorite spot (and away from the guests), I let her sit there and do what compels her – watching.

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