Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Tons of stuff…! My fav is a Dog but we have a Hippo, too!

I have quite a few to share today…

1)  This one is a series from puppy hood to dog…

2)  I thought this was cute…

3)  I found this mug on FaceBook.

4)  I think I found this while reading about Gabe the Wonder Horse.  This is a grandson with the tail of the dog in his hand.

5)  This small band of cows has moved into a field by my house.  I shot this through my car window with my phone.  He is huge and gorgeous in person.  Those horns are very, very wide.

6)  Did you guys see this shot in the news?  This was just a couple standing in front of the Hippo tank…

7)  This is a Collared Peccary that my friend found in her yard!

8)  I found this on MSNBC and cannot remember if I showed this to you already?…  Anyway, how fun!

click to view larger

9)  Gotta love donkeys.

Click to view larger

10) Hubby found this one for me.

11)  My personal fav for this week.  I just love this one!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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