Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Today… well, it was just one of those days…

First of all, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to help The Golden Carrot through the Bucket Fund.  Please, please help these wonderful folks who take in the older and forgotten horses.  Please offer your Starbucks money or your pocket change to purchase senior feeds and mushy hay for these older ladies and gents of the equine world.  Thank you.  It means so much to the lovely elder ones… ($1 – infinity, no donation is too small…)

school fundraising ideas

Um... could you help me here?


I saw this a while ago on FB.  There were at least 60 photos posted of this event.  The photographer was all over the place and the documentation was incredible.  I imagine that the photog was laughing a few times…

The ol' rope around the butt move...

Awww, whatja do that for? Now I'm all wet...


I told you, Nooooooooooooooooo!

Hey, is someone graining over there?...

Oh, I see where you're goin' with this...!

Don't pull so fast my legs are still in there!

Ouch! Geez, hold on, hold on!

Am I out?... I need to shake. Quit pulling!

I coulda done it on my own, y'know...

What I garnered from these photos (without any knowledge or proof) is that this young horse got himself into a trough.  He is just standing there, perfectly dry with the, “Can you, uh, fix this please?” look.

Who knows how he got himself in the trough, but he seemed to not be able to get himself out.

A bit nervous to see their prized youngster in peril, the ranch hand and the owner (probably the guy in the cream colored boots) try to get him out.

First the butt wrap.  Nope, that didn’t work.

Of course, the dunking… (I love this one!)

Then the rearing.

At this point the owner, who was earlier afraid to damage the poor baby, now is getting frustrated and starts yanking.

The horse pulls back…


And, finally, mid-rear, the humans realize that the colt will come down outside of the tank.


The horse figures it out and walks off.  No worse for the wear, maybe a bit embarrassed and a lot smarter, hopefully…

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July’s Bucket Fund will benefit the charity THE GOLDEN CARROT SANCTUARY.  To learn all about the Bucket Fund and to donate $5,  please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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