Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Tigers, Polar Bears, Goofy Foals and Very Slippery Stag!

Saturday is Pho-blog Day!


How cute is this?!


I can just hear it, "What is THAT?"


I was sad when Knut died... but this story helped. Click to enlarge

You don't see this everyday! Click to enlarge

Speaking of Tigers, this was pretty cute! They had to wrap the piglets so the tiger would nurse them.

I love his expression!


This made me grateful that someone does this...

I captured this off of Bing (obviously). I thought it was very dramatic - a storm in Montana.



I loved this... the yearling looks so trusting and secure with the trainer.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. D'Arcy Allison-Teasley

    Fabulous pics, but I don’t see the reindeer mentioned -? Did I miss it/them? (I have a particular fondness for reindeer, my ancestry includes Sami, the indigenous nomadic reindeer people of northern Scandinavia…)

  2. evielynne sanchez

    Aw… LOL there are so many cool pics I can’t tell you my fav… I can tell you that I have done the whole storage bin as a sled… lol… Enjoy your Saturday…

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