SATURDAY IS PHOBLOG DAY! (Plus the ‘California Report’ – from my area)

CALIFORNIA REPORT:  Well, at least a report from the Paso Robles area…  I had to go out today to get groceries, pet and cleaning supplies and prescriptions.  So, I drove around to about 5 stores.

The good news is that the crazy hoarding seems to have quieted down.  I was able to get everything I needed except eggs.

I’m not saying it isn’t still crazyodd.  It is.  There were only a few packages of meat and poultry.  (Plenty of fish available…).  Toilet paper is back on the shelves and there are now notes all over the place limiting the amount of paper products and cleaning products available to one person.  So… there’s that.

The Farm Supply store was fairly full except for cat food.  Slim pickens there.

I had a load of hay delivered yesterday – and I could see the hay yard and it looked full.

The local health food store was low on supplies and the prices were almost doubled.  I have no idea why.  I purchased some bone broth but that was about all.

Our pharmacy has a drive through where you can pay ahead of time online.  I did that so it was easy.  Regular lines there.

Lowes seemed to be the slowest to restock in our area.  I went there to get some cleaning supplies and … well, they didn’t have ANY liquid hand soap, nor cleaning wipes or Lysol.  Not to mention they are totally out of all paper products (toilet paper, paper towels…)

There was no speakable traffic… but we don’t have bad traffic here anyway.  That said, it was less.

The best part of the day was the local coffee shop guy.  He was open, which I was surprised (and delighted) to see.  He is an old veteran who bakes bread and goodies, plus has his own coffee label.    I purchased fresh coffee and some fresh baked goods – mainly to support him.  I really like him and he makes GREAT breakfast burritos.

So, that is the California Report (from Paso Robles areas)


A project for those stuck at home…

From Elke Vogelsang

A cute little she-shed

This would be awesome to see in person!

Taking things into her own paws

From Black Jaguar, White Tiger Foundation

From Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary

I’ve. posted this previously, but I just think it is so pretty. It is some kind of herb… don’t remember which…

From Kat Livengood

A Salt River Wild Horse…

Another project idea…

Oh my gosh!!

Awesome shot!

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  1. Julia Solari

    Phoblog Day is simply the BEST! Love your choices every time. Thanks for brightening my day Dawn!

  2. Alexis

    I esp. appreciate the photo of the succulent planting – so pretty and unusual. I think I have enough “found” items at my farm, well, except for the plant(s), to do up one for a co-worker whose daughter and daughter’s immediate family are in quarantine in Colorado pending test results. At this point we all know someone….right? So deeply frightening. Grasping at anything that focuses on positivity and yes, life.

    Traffic here: good news and bad news. The good news is little traffic. Ditto the bad news. I never ever thought I would actually MISS heavy traffic.

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