Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Mostly Dogs, a few cats, a pig, camel and Nomar.

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!

Today I feel that I have an abundance of dog photos.  And in my defense, there are many more dog photos to be had.

I like dogs and most horse people like dogs… so I allow myself to put in dog and cat (and any other animal) photos that catch my eye.  I hope you don’t mind.

Actually, the last photo is totally gratuitous.  It is of Nomar, my 180 lbs scardycat but very faithful Mastiff.  His face is all smooshed because he is laying on his back, flirting with me to make me pet him.  It always works.


Fun photoshop trickery


An odd couple... but I think I'd love to have them!


This is a grooming contest. The dog on the right's expression KILLED me!

Another grooming feat!

I know they rip up everything but the babies are darn cute.

Odd friends

I love this.

Interesting story. click to enlarge

I wonder if this will last forever? Click to enlarge

Wow. Click to enlarge (the image, not the horse...)

Ha! A true pony.

My Nomar. I'm probably the ONLY one who thinks this is cute!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. evielynne sanchez

    I miss my mastiff… love the pics – the first one is both my passion. Riding a board and the love of a horse… My favorite shot even if it’s a tricky photo pic

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