SATURDAY IS PHOBLOG DAY! More baby animals and a Christmas-tree-eating elephant!

Today I will be studying for a course I am taking to improve my work options.

Y’know, I’m much better at enjoying studying than when I was younger – however “glass of wine break time” seems to be much more enticing now.  Hmmmmm.   If I hear Hubby downstairs mixing a cocktail for himself, I have to put on my headphones and pretend it didn’t happen.

The worst (best?) is when Hubby arrives at my desk with a fresh glass of something wonderful.  Generally, I end up not studying too much longer after his liquid gift, which I think is his idea…  ;)


Giraffes must think that humans are a funny looking bunch.


Gawd! I love the face on that puppy back there!




Can you find the foal in the grass?


OMG. I cannot stand it!! A tiny hippobuttomos!


I just smile when I see pics like this...


What a Great shot! You know exactly what these two horses are thinking. (It kinda looks photoshopped but I sill like it.)


This is such a great idea!




I found this on FB. It is someone's chicken... She makes clothes for her.


The kitty doesn't look too happy...


Love these guys.


A happy ending for this horse.


This pony looks like my Slick!! I know it isn't my Slick because the girl can actually hold this little guy and he isn't biting her...

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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