Saturday is PhoBlog Day! More animal photobombing and other whimsical and cute pics!

Well, I received so many emails about Hubby’s photobombing dog that I decided to add a few here of different animals photobombing.  But first, some other cute shots…

1)  I found this so hilarious because of the way the girl is sitting, it appears that she has a llama head!

2)  EAGULL.  This was so interesting to me.  First of all, what gull is this brave??  And secondly, I swear the eagle is saying, “What the…?”

click on image to enlarge

3)  Cute baby shot by Ron McGinnis

4)  This pic could have about a million captions…  “I declare you SAVED!”

5)  The horse in this reminds me of my Icy.  She often has that expression.

6)  PHOTOBOMB #1 (note the cat in the chair…)

7)  My new fav Photobomb!  That dog looks so joyous!

Have a great weekend!

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The September Bucket Fund will benefit Grace, the skinniest horse still alive.  To learn all about the Bucket Fund and to donate to this incredible horse,  please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

September's Bucket Fund is the Amazing Grace, the skinniest horse still alive. Click here to learn her story and make any size, secure Pay Pal Donation. Easy and it means so much!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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